Friday, December 18, 2009

neo-pipe cleaners

And now it's time for, linky link links!

For me, the crafting-gifting stage is complete (Hanukkah ended tonight), but that will not stop me from adding more things to my to-make list. From design blog Lushlee, a Happy Avocado. So cute. Also, polka-dot fabric rocks.

This link is actually a video.
A poem by Taylor Mali, to be specific, put into a typographical visual by Ronnie Bruce. Maybe because I'm a very visual person, I loved how this was put together: I liked seeing the words and seeing how the artist thought they went together. The poem itself is an awesome commentary on our generation's lack of opinions and convictions in everyday speech. An almost-three-minute video definitely worth your time.

A recipe for chocolate truffles hopped into my inbox yesterday morning inside the Instructable weekly newsletter (they totally rock [Instructables, I mean, though the truffles rock too]). They call themselves "Easy Truffles," and they totally are. I made a double batch earlier today - soooo yummy.

As a fan (and promoter) of steampunk, I've been asked to define or describe several times over the years. So has Fantasy Magazine.
When I think of steampunk, I think of an alternate version of the present and/or future that might have been, if technology went the way of the steam engines and wheels and cogs and such. Sleek robots? Microchips? Nope. Victorian-esque airships and communication devices that need oiling. Not efficient, but beautiful in a reminiscent, fantastical way.

(Steampunk wedding cake topper via io9)

Steampunk (also known as Neo-Victorian) is gaining popularity through the web, and people do all sorts of awesome stuff with it like make wedding cakes, design their homes around it, and make interesting, weird, and just plain useless gadgets with it.

And lastly, just for fun, do the pipe cleaner dance.


quact said...

pipe cleaner dance is awesome :D

Anonymous said...

The pipe cleaner dance IS awesome.
Love the Steam-punk.
Big fan of geeky metal things.
The sign made me lol!
It goes well with the poem/video.

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