Friday, December 11, 2009

prove it.

I'm currently unable to retrieve my photos from my camera.
For whatever reason, it'll act like the photos are about to transfer, but then it stops and the computer can't contact the camera anymore. And the memory card I have is not compatible with my laptop.

What does this mean for you?!
That I still don't have any photos to upload - even though I took some really awesome ones today. And you can't see them.

Of course, I could be lying, because, as I previously mentioned, you can't see them and I can't prove it. But, really, some pretty awesome ones. Like carrot cake, and a sunset reflection on a puddle outside. My sister pointed it out to me - it is purely coincidence that I have a reflection photo right after I posted one by someone else. Seriously!

So anyway, I have no photos, but I did doodle a bit on Hawthorne tonight:

I couldn't be bothered to draw her arms, so she's shy for this portrait.

Things I do not like about winter #1:
Cold hands.


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