Wednesday, December 30, 2009

robot bunny castle cake

As of yesterday, my little sister Melody is seven years old.

(click through to see the full-sized version)

I made her a cake. Last year it was a princess castle cake, and this year she wanted pretty much the same thing.

Maybe I had too much tea or something, 'cause i decided it needed antennae. And a face.

I call it the Robot Bunny Castle Cake.
It's in bold because it is that awesome.
No, I do not decorate cakes much at all, my cakes are lucky to even get frosting sometimes.
And to prove that not only can I not decorate cakes properly, but I can't even build them right, this Robot Bunny Castle Cake thought it'd be really awesome to FALL OVER.
It had the decency to do it after we had eaten a third of it already, so I can forgive it. No photos of the crash, unfortunately.

Anyway, Melody was thrilled with the Robot Bunny Castle Cake, and that's all that matters, so it's all good!
Happy Birthday, Melody!


James said...

awesome looking cake!! :D

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