Tuesday, December 8, 2009

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It's the final stretch - my last technical writing paper is due tomorrow morning (so, technically speaking, it's due tonight). I finished the first one last night, and I just completed the remaining three quizzes for the semester.

Oh yeah, problem:
Internet is down again at home. I love how it picks the most convenient times to do so.
So I'm at a local coffee shop, drinking my own tea that I brought from my own house, in my own cup that I brought. I did buy a cake thingy, so I'm not totally cheap.

People keep walking out of the Chinese restaurant next to me with yummy take-out.... gimme fooooood. I should ask if I can share a meal with the next person who walks out.
On second thought, I need to get this paper done without getting arrested. Maybe next time.

So anyway.

It's totally break time, and I brought Hawthorne with me. I'm all happy and excited 'cause I get to draw, and then... and then...
I forgot my pen at home.
And now? Now I have no Hawthorne. He is forced to lay in solitude and loneliness! Without a soul to keep him company, without a single pen stroke to make him reach great heights of joy!!


So here, here's a drawing I did with my mousepad. This is why I have a graphics tablet.

A chick outside the window. Her hair actually did look that bad.


Anonymous said...

I always forget my pen. And fall in to melodramatic moods because of it.
(A regular pen, because I am not as artistic
as to have a graphics tablet).
I have seen people with hair like that before.
They really are interesting...

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah...
I like the smoke.

quact said...

I have hair like that.

tiph said...

Hola Firefly - I don't think I can remember a time that I've forgotten my pen (a blue one, of course). I seem to always have a blue pen and a sharpie marker of some color on me at all times.
And thanks, I think.

quact: I lol'd. :D

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