Monday, December 28, 2009

this post is free, or your money back, guaranteed.

I've finished my essay for today, and that can only mean one thing now:
Time to read more stories for class!! Yes!

I'm actually behind on one story, but I'm not too worried about it.
I must say that I'm glad that all the holiday rush is over with. The malls are still semi-full, but I can now drive from Point A to Point B without having to move parked vehicles from the street because there is no more parking in the lot.
Not that I had to do that before, mind you, but still.

Today happened to be a gorgeous Monday, complete with 55 F weather and clear blue skies, with just a touch of wind. Sorta like this:

The main difference there is that I was nowhere near a cemetery, nor a mountain range. But hey, technicalities.

This week I plan to make gingerbread houses, but that could change at any time, so no guarantees.

Things Tiph Does Not Guarantee:
gingerbread houses
clean rooms
6-8 glasses of water a day
your hair

Things Tiph Does Guarantee:
craft-filled rooms
6-8 candies a day
my hair

(photo, Cemetery in Terlingua, courtesy of Sam the Texan)


Leah said...

If this post is free, how could it even be possible for me to get my money back?? hmmmm...

I'm giving up on gingerbread houses. Every one I make is a hopeless failure...or a really good imitation of a house that hurricanes Ike and Katrina have visited. Only its not purposeful so I guess it's not an imitation...

tiph said...

Lol! That's the irony of it! :D

I'm pretty afraid that will happen to mine.... Earlier I made a cake for Melody's birthday and the tower fell over. :D Thankfully, that was only after it had made architecturally unstable, so it was only slightly my fault.

Leah said...

What can I say, I was tired when I read your post. :) Do you do much cake decorating?

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