Saturday, December 12, 2009

Week in Photos

Not shown: cupcakes with *buttercream* frosting. Bestest, ever.
I'm sorta a go-with-the-flow person. I'm not big on planning, I don't like schedules, and I basically do things when they occur to me to do them.
That said, Saturdays have now been scheduled as Week-In-Photos-Here-Look-At-A-Collage-Day.

So yeah, there's your collage - click the photo for the album of individual photos ('cause some of those are really small).

Mi madre's birthday was actually last Saturday, but I made the cake on Tuesday. Maybe it was Wednesday...? After her birthday, anyway. So there's her carrot cake and her birthday banner (which is still up, because it's totally the coolest thing ever).

First day (which could also be termed Firsday) of Hanukkah was last night (at sundown - 5:25 pm in case anyone was wondering), and we started it off with a feast of fried candied apples, latkes (with apples and sweet potatoes mixed in), homemade spiced applesauce, fried turkey breast (with more apples), and our best china. I showed the kids how to make paper chains and suggested they make blue-and-white ones to string around the house, and I don't think they've stopped since. Oh yeah, they did when I made cupcakes. But that was after they brought the chain through the kitchen and around the hallway and across the gallery, etc. Hey, at least they're occupied!

In other news, I'm really tired. Quite a bit more crafting to do in the next couple of days - hooray for Hanukkah being eight days long.


James said...

Yay! a whole bunch of great photos :D

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