Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Return of the Bunny.... thing...

Remember this post where I announced I'd make those cute little bunnies? I never actually got around to making one, much less five. I started making one the next day, only to find that the material really didn't like me and I threw it away. Well, I FINALLY got the material I wanted and made one. See, doesn't it look just like those pictures?? Yes. Say yes.

Actually, something terrible happened to this bunny while I was making it. It was a difficult time for both of us, but in the end, it was a tragic and incurable case of I Can't Flip This Right Side Out. The ears are permanently stuck inside his brain and now he's mutated into a cat/bear/dog thing. Here's hoping that the next one will have fully developed ears.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wow, my purse is clean today!

Mkay, Plinky (a random question, blog-inspiring website) asks, What are the contents of your purse/wallet? I answer, thus:

acceptance letter to UH
Cause after two years in a community college, I'm finally moving on! Also, I just haven't removed it yet.

makeup bag
Because I wear makeup. That's why

Caffeine mints!! Need I have an explanation?

Moleskin notebook
It's got all my random notes and story/painting/crafting ideas. It rocks, really.

Because if I get pulled over, I need to have my license and insurance. :D

keys both my Camry and the Suburban (that's not really mine but I pretend it is).

sand hanitizer
If you know what that is, you win a prize.

various receipts and other stuff
Library print-out (so I won't forget to turn in books), Arby's coupons, and of course, MY KNIFE. I'm a dangerous chick. O.o

Thursday, February 19, 2009

new legislation

"All establishments that serve drinks, alcohol or non-alcohol, will give its customers the option of adding extra caffeine in their beverages."

Of COURSE that will get through Congress. And the President will sign it with zeal. On television. And everyone will be absolutely ecstatic.

Then I wake up.

Edit: These must be placed in every college classroom, and inside every building ever built, regardless of its use. Good coffee must be used though, none of the nasty Folgers stuff.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Mkay, so I work at a coffee shop. It was a slow day. A majorly slow day. And I had a shot of espresso. Apparently, being hyper makes me think of really, really random ideas, and today was no different.

And today, I had a plan. I would test the levels of stupidity of our customers.

I started by writing out a sign on a slip of paper, reading:

"The straws are temporarily out of order. Sorry for the inconvenience. - Management"

I figured, how obviously stupid is that? Here we have a perfectly good cup full of normal straws, with a sign saying they are "out of order." I was pretty sure people were going to call my bluff pretty quickly.

The first lady who came in after I posted the sign ordered an iced tea. She walked to the condiment (??) table, read the sign, and picked up a small red stirring straw that I forgot to get a picture of. The straw barely reached over the top of the cup, and I mean barely. I couldn't help giggling after she left.

Next was a police officer. He read the sign, looked at the straws, and decided they were worthy of use. I breathed a sigh of relief: his lack of stupidity put a bit more faith in the policemen I have generally I have little faith in.

The rest of the day was pretty much uneventful and the same; about half of the customers took red stirring straws and the other half ignored my sign. One lady asked in a loud voice How in the world can a straw be out of order?! My thoughts exactly, ma'am, my thoughts exactly.

The best part, though, happened right before I left. I had been waiting for this all day. A teenager, maybe 16 or 17, ordered his drink and went for a straw. By this time, my coworker had come in and was in on the trick. The kid read the sign, tried to look at the straws, and then came back to the counter with a confused look on his face.

"The, uh, straws? Are... uh...?"
"Oh yeah!" I said, smiling helpfully. "Let me get you one."
I go to the back and get a straw from a stash I had set aside 'specially for this moment. I manage to hand it to him - the exact same straws as is in the cup - with a straight face. He still looks confused as he says his thanks and leaves.

Then, we can't stop laughing. I remove the sign as I take off for the night, with plans for the napkins next time.

Monday, February 16, 2009

did I mention to anyone

... that my PAPER IS FINISHED?!

It is. I just thought you would like to be reassured of that fact.

This means several things: I can begin painting again, I can read another book, and... I... can sleep a whole night.

(I make it sound like this paper-writing nonsense has been going on for weeks, when in fact it was only last night. But see, I was THINKING about the fact that I needed to write a paper alllllllll these weeks, and so it does, in fact, count.)

In other news, I'm thinking I need to start a countdown for my trip to Scotland. I cannot wait!
Actually I can, because I haven't gotten tons of thermal underwear and parkas and other fluffy warm things to wear while I'm there. Like kittens.


I know it's pretty late, but I am just super excited that I finished my government paper. As usual, I waited until the last minute (or the last couple of hours) to do the ten-page, extensive research, research paper on a freedom of speech "policy." I did the whole procrastination thing last year too, except that night, I didn't sleep at all. I've gotten better. :D
The only way I stayed awake is because I had ice cream (peaches 'n cream), a Poptart (brown sugar cinnamon), and of course, a caffeine mint. I almost had to get another one and then I FINISHED. Yay.

My stepdad's dad and stepmom are here for the week, so who knows what I'll be doing this week.

Mkay, I'm off for Never-never land to get five hours of sleep before I have to get ready for class (five hours is a lot. Yay!) .

Thursday, February 12, 2009

here it goes again

What do you get when you put together four guys dressed like the Beatles and eight moving treadmills?

A pretty awesome music video.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

itty bitty in size

itty bitty in size
Originally uploaded by seventh.samurai

While going through some DIY blogs I follow, I found a link to this bunny tutorial. It's very simple, (simple as in "Oh, I should have thought of this myself"), and uber-cute. If you don't want a bunny, you could theoretically make an elephant or a cat using the same method. and probably the same shirt too. And the same teddy bear stuffing....

I'm off to go make one. Or five.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

robots are cool

I mean, there's Wall-E, the Iron Giant, Rodney Copperbottom (from Robots), Marvin (from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy), and various other little A.I. dudes. They're awesome.
It follows that if I come across another awesome robot that awesome people have built, I'll have to blog about it.
This is the Yellow Drum Machine from

What's cuter than a little yellow robot going around drumming on things? Lots of things. Kittens, for instance. Either way, the way he moves his head around to find something is really cute.

The next robot I found is something that's interesting to me because of the materials with which it's made. It's a Rubik's cube-solving robot made of a Lego Mindstorm kit. I had one when I was a kid (and I made nothing this awesome). Details here

Monday, February 9, 2009

on second thought...

Totally disregard the last post. I could delete it, but it's fun to have a screenshot of my old layout hanging around. If you can't find the comment button now... I'm very, very sorry.


It had been brought to my attention (again) that there's no comment option. There IS. You just can't see it. (I had this problem last time I used the template. *sigh*)

To reduce further confusion, I have made a (hopefully) helpful visual of how to comment. Actually, not how to comment, but how to get to the option to comment.

[click to zoom]

Maybe that'll clear things up.

adding on to Firefox

I never got into the"social bookmarking" like Digg, Reddit, or I much prefer my organized little drop-down box. 'Course, it was annoying when I was on a different computer than my Dell, but it wasn't really a big problem until one day last year, my bookmarks all just... DISAPPEARED. *dramatic screams and music* It was really annoying and frustrating, but what do you do?

Then I found FOXMARKS!!!! It saves all my bookmarks on their server as a backup. I found it several months ago, but forgot that I use it actively until it popped up a little window upon me closing Firefox: something about I have deleted a significant amount of bookmarks which could be due to a glitch in Firefox; do I want to save as is or keep what I have on server? I was so excited. My bookmarks had been saved minus the annoying community server commenting on my choice of bookmarks.

Another win for Firefox and its addons. Yay!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

oh, happy day

Yesterday I had to go to the doctor to continue some testing I've been doing for a prospective kidney transplant for my little brother. The medical center/downtown is always crowded, and today was no exception, with people milling about or marching purposefully to their destinations. One man, walking alone on the sidewalk, had a huge smile on his face; without further warning, he jumped up and clicked his heels. I have never, ever seen anyone do that before, except on TV. He actually clicked. his. heels. I really wanted to stop, go up to him and ask what was so amazing, but I had an appointment for which I was already late. So I'm left to my own imaginations: maybe he proposed to the love of his life and she accepted. Maybe he got an amazing promotion he'd been wanting. Maybe he won the lottery, even. Or he could have just been so joyous at being alive he had to hop up...

who i am!

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