Wednesday, May 27, 2009

where did the sun go?

This week has been a very long one.

I was going to demonstrate with photographs, but then I realized (after ten minutes of watching my upload bar do nothing) that I'm running on the tail-end of a wireless connection. Me and my mom are currently trying to "share" the wireless, which means we have to put the router roughly in the middle of the house we are at opposite ends of. Basically you don't get a bunch of pictures. Sorry.

We're coming to the end of a two-week long family vacation (okay, in three days it will be the end), and I'm pretty drained.

At the moment, I'm feeling pretty down-and-out, which is actually pretty unusual for me. Nights are usually my height, but not even the dark sky, green lightning bugs and arrival of the internet is helping much. I totally should be positive and such-like, but it's just not coming. I'm not even going to attempt trying to say something silly. I'm tired, and can't wait to go home.

Some pretty awesome news, though: My brother turned 10 today! He got a rocket. That's probably what I'll be doing tomorrow.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

look, a sunset

I love sunsets. I take loads of pictures of them, of the sun when it's right above the treeline, shining visible rays of brightness. The sky turns amazing shades of orange and blue, clouds reflecting the glory of it.

Also, sunsets mean that pretty soon it will be dark and everyone will be asleep and I'll have time to draw and paint undisturbed!

So! How's Oklahoma going?

Well, there's been lots of relative-visiting and cow-seeing going on. Today I visited an old warehouse/car shop(?). We couldn't quite figure out what it was. You can find some of the pictures in my Flickr set exurbia: a study in black and white.

Tonight is the first night that I stayed up past midnight since I arrived in Oklahoma!

Hello, 2 am! I missed you!

Apologies to everyone for my content being more disjointed and choppy than normal: I'm not feeling quite myself tonight. It must be a lack of candy. Speaking of which, I have some salt-water taffy. So. Good.

And that's all the time we have for today, boys and girls.

(photo: shades of orange and blue by Me on Flickr)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

my bunnies, they are oh

OHMYBUNNIES I haven't updated in approximately six billion years. Seven out of five scientists agree that this kind of Sharpie Chronicles absence can lead to allergies and almost uncertain death.

No worries, it only affects June bugs. If you are a June bug, please cease from reading my blog.

Anyway, it's been an unspecified amount of time that I have been here in Oklahoma. It's green, blue, and sometimes complete blackness (but that goes away when I pull the blanket from my head), and they have amazing things like Amish bakeries and COWS. Tons of cows. Everywhere.

(3 out of 4 brothers)

In the past couple of days, I have been in a water fight (which ended after I side-stepped a balloon, and it went straight into the house), jumped on hay bales, heard coyotes scream like freaks, and taken well over 1500 pictures. I've eaten more cookies than is good for any man. Er, girl. I've used up the entire battery life of my mp3 player four times, but that was only because I left it on all night three of those times. I've done lots of other worthless stuff that was tons of fun and accomplished nothing towards the greater good except maybe make kids and other people happy, but for tonight, I bid you all adieu.

I have to get ready to go to an amusement park.

Monday, May 18, 2009

the adventure starts yesterday

I've made it to Oklahoma: land of the wide open spaces and hills and cows and people with funky accents. Hey, sounds sorta like Texas!

I've claimed possession of a Nikon D60 that's really my grandma's, and taken a few [read: 600] pictures in the past couple days. There's a few on my Flickr page, and I plan on making several stop motion animations and then a final, super-fast slideshow of all the pictures I've taken. Right now we're going to go explore random small towns. and my camera battery is dead. =(

I WILL MAKE IT LIVE. I have magic powers like that.

Friday, May 15, 2009

the arbitrary photographer: 2

Two weeks ago I posted a bunch of pictures as a filler post. It was a Friday, it was popular, and I thought - Hey, I should do this every Friday! But then last week I went to a symphony and I didn't really have any pictures anyway. So... don't count on this. It will happen whenever I think I've taken enough (or found enough) pictures worthy of being seen.

Sorry for the low-quality picture-slideshow-with-music thing, but I didn't have time for much else. Try to enjoy it anyway. =)


Also, there is a huge roach in my room. I have to stay awake until it goes away. This might take a while.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

(title unknown)

Sometimes I wish I could raise my [potential] kids in this era. Or even further back, when America was brand new. It's only slightly idealistic: pounding out a living from the new, hard ground; looking across open plains at nothing but your own land, covered in crops on a good year, looking through tears at an empty field on a bad one; children growing up with a knowledge of the difference between "want," and "need"; seeing God's wild and glorious Creation, yet untainted by concrete roads and steel buildings.

I'm a city girl, usually. But sometimes, the challenge of starting with something new in the middle of nowhere with almost nothing gets to my heart. There wouldn't be internet, there would be true adventure. No luxury, but more of a need to trust God and really be thankful for the things I did have.

Besides, instant gratification is overrated.

(photo via Found Magazine)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

lists of 7: crazy tuesday

In roughly chronological order:

1. Today, I frosted a cake in my bedroom.
It was green. It didn't even take two weeks to make it so. (You know... two weeks for it to get moldy... hahaaayeah.)

It was all his idea. Really.

2. Before that, I went to the mall with my little brother to find shoelaces and skateboards, and I saw a grown man in a cape walking around. A full-length, black cape. Weird much?

3. I took my VERY LAST FINAL for the semester, and hopefully that means I now have an Associate's degree. (The hopefully part is hoping that I passed the class. :D)

4. One of my classmates decided it would be fun to come to class barefoot. When I asked him about it, he proceeded to give me a six-minute long diatribe of Yes, he is barefoot, and here is why, and this is how he usually dresses for school, but sometimes, and the cleanliness of his clothes, and...

5. Sometime after that, I burned taffeta. Not at school. It smells horrible, by the way. I may or may not post pictures of why I was burning taffeta.

6. So I was making a really cute vector bunny for cuteness' sake, when my vector program died. That's the only real reason I'm writing a post right now, because otherwise I'd still be messing with the exact slope of its smile. I'm only slightly sad about it.

7. [I get to seven and always have to think really hard. This should have been "lists of six."] So. I'm out of school. I don't really have work. Anyone have suggestions for post content? Things you would like to see on here that I'm not creative enough to think up myself? Comments are for a reason, people!

Also, I like Tuesdays almost as well as Mondays. Not quite, but almost.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

quick and easy felt flowers. yay.

Let's play a game. It's called "Describe this DIY project as fast as humanly possible."

Gather materials - felt, buttons, needle, thread, sticks, glue, and ribbon (optional)

Cut de felt out into flower shapes. As you can see, my flower is a circle. I may or may not be using a circle I cut out three days ago, hence the difference in colors up there ^^ and down here.

Pick out your buttons.

Sew sew sew.... sew the stick on the back. Glue it to give it an extra hold. Yes those are pi symbols. I think they're pretty.

Ta-da! Flowers on a stick! Tie ribbon around them, sprinkle them with glitter, put them in a vase, etc. I had all of the kids make one of these for the Mother's Day flower pot we made.


this is a day made of win

First, I woke up. Huge plus, that.

I'm sure I did a lot of important (not) stuff during the day, but the very much exciting stuff happened at night. I decoded .flac files for my not-arrived-yet mp3 player, and then bought (bought!!) a CD by Joby Talbot. And then I didn't buy another CD by the same composer.

Next, I guided a certain person through the complicated download process of a CD that I also tracked down. It was an arduous process. We battled dangers and viruses without ever having to leave our chairs.

Sometime before that, I cut out random rectangles of fabric in hopes that they would magically turn themselves into a dress. When that didn't happen, I incorrectly measured and cut out a random triangle-ish piece of green and ladybug-spotted material, and I'm still unsure as to what to do with it. Maybe Nothing.

Throughout the weekend and today especially I have been greatly encouraged by a friend, which further adds to the win-ness that is Today.

ALSO! Remember that non-thing I was making? The little things in the red pot is it. The picture gives it no justice.

Next post will have a really quick how-to, for no other reason than I want to. Look how cute my siblings are... aww....

Anyway. Today is made of win. I knew I loved Mondays for a good reason.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

symphonies and projects

The first notes swelled into pleasant dissonance; violin, flute, cello - each singing their own little song before order is brought to the would-be symphony. The conductor arrives to an audience of applause, and, turning to face his battalion, raises his hand in expectation. Each member of the orchestra raises his or her weapon, poised for the beginning.

The hand comes down: the strings are struck, flutes put to lips, mallets to drums, and the concerto begins.

Tonight, I had the pleasure of attending the symphony with some friends. After an ordeal of finding the place, maneuvering through Downtown in a Suburban, and rushing to the Hall on time, we heard the glorious Violin Concerto in D Major by Beethoven, followed by a Bartok piece called Concerto for Orchestra.

It was lovely, being able to dress up and listen to the orchestra pour their hearts into their instruments. While Beethoven's work was, of course, nice, I very much enjoyed Bartok's concerto. The music was more passionate and vigorous than Beethoven's (and it got pretty loud towards the end...), and it was all around brilliantly composed and performed.

Now, as for my earlier post. I bet you guys just assumed that I did all of my goals, right?

Yeah, wrong.

I did take pictures, though I won't upload them until tomorrow (so tired!), and almost finished the nothing-thing. The only reason why it's still incomplete is because it's waiting on my brother to do something first. HIS FAULT. ALL HIS FAULT.

As for the other two... I forgot, okay?

Having so much trouble keeping my eyes open. That's sad.

Friday, May 8, 2009

I printed this. From my brain.

I cheated. Last night. I did not complete the one week!

I had a drink that had coffee in it, BUT IT WAS ONLY A LITTLE BIT. Really, it was decaf-ish. Ish.

Yesterday, I ordered a Samsung S2 Pebble MP3 player, and it should be here next week some time. Hopefully... Pretty stoked, because it cost me about a fourth of what it would cost to get an iPod Shuffle. And it's probably just as good. Maybe.

Okay, probably not, but the anti-Mac sentiment makes up for it.

SO! Goals for today (because this is a morning post! Whoa!): finish the things that I am not making, write and mail a letter, return a library book (that is overdue and collecting fines) and TAKE PICTURES.

Post tonight with results.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Did everyone know that it's Mother's Day this next Sunday?

You did? Well thanks for telling me.

I'm all excited and such because of projects NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that I am doing, and I'm not even making anything, nope. And I can't tell you about those things that I am not making because my mom reads my blog.

And trust me, I am making nothing.

In other news, I've been finishing up the semester with finals. I've done three so far, and I have one tomorrow at 8am. I really, really need to be there by 8am.

I hate 8am.

Watch me be responsible and not tell you about the horrible time I had trying to submit my term paper to my American Literature teacher this morning, before the deadline. Nope, not going to tell you about how the document refused to attach to the assignment thing, or how Firefox crashed while I was in the middle of (finally) attaching it. I definitely won't tell you that it turned out to have a happy ending, because obviously I am going to sleep, and then went to the craft store AGAIN to get stuff that I am not making.

Three more days, just three more days, and the caffeine is mine.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

lists of 7: things to do with Venus

Just a tidbit of information: I'm having serious difficulties figuring out what I want to major in. I was asked about it the other day, and I replied thusly --

Well it's "officially" English, something I had picked my first semester, but since then I've told people that I changed it to Jounalism, Psychology, Engineering, and Graphic Design.
But then I've been told by several people that I should go into writing. If I do end up doing a writing degree, I would emphasize the technical writing aspect (so I can get a job) and THEN I will get picked up by a major tech magazine and jump to editor and make tons of money and buy Venus. That's my plan, and I'm sticking to it. For now.

(this picture has nothing to do with anything, but by posting it I'm hoping for you to be all "wow, awesome," and totally love my blog for it. even though the dude who took the picture didn't technically give me permission to blog about it. visit all those links. they're all different.)

The point of all that is nothing really. Actually it is, it's to assure you that I'm not totally and completely insane, going around thinking up things to do with Venus. Even though I thought of buying it in the first place.

SO. We shall commence. These'll be short and sweet cause I have no attention span right now. Remember the no caffeine? YEAH.

Numero Uno (did you guys know it's Cinco de Mayo? Let's be Habla Espanol and all. I am Mexican and stuff.): Break the world record for largest game of Ping Pong. Pay five trillion dollars to get anyone to publish the event.

Numero Dos: Papier mache the entire thing like you would with a balloon, and then pop the center to leave a nice hollow sphere perfect for a birthday pinata.

Numero Tres: Paint it orange. Y'know, just 'cause.

Numero Quatro: Put it up for trade on Craigslist, saying that you live out of the country where the product is located and just need to get rid of it, and an iPod or XBox360 would be plenty sufficient.

Numero Cinco: Use it as an exercise ball!! Lose tons of fat and get lots of muscle!!

Numero Seis: Hide it in Area 51, and then claim that the government is keeping something from us. Conspiracy theories = tonsoffun.

Numero Siete (this one's from my sister): Use it as a World Control Center for military maps/missiles. Because Russia knows we need another Cold War. Just... planetary..

Totally kidding, Russia.

By the way, the real reason why this is a list of 7, is because I only know how to count to seven in Spanish.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Today: I buy fabric, get frowned upon by my brother, and drop caffeine.

I'm really, really excited. I've been wanting to actually do some 'real' sewing for a while now, and after reading lots of DIY and sewing blogs and seeing all the neat things that everyone was making, I finally got myself to commit to making a tunic-shirt thing. Look at all the fabric and buttons I got. I'm only going to use, like, two of those things to make stuff. I have issues when I go to fabric stores, though. I want it ALL.

Also, I bought some ribbon. But that was not today and it has absolutely nothing to do with what I'm going to make. I just thought it was pretty. :D

Also, my little brother obviously does not approve of whatever you're doing right now. Stop it.
Unless you're reading this right now. In that case, he is raising his eyebrows at your outfit. Don't you know how to match your clothes??

P.S. Sorry to the truck I cut off on the freeway today. It was either that or miss my exit, and obviously, not missing my exit was more important.

P.P.S. I have given up caffeine for the week. We shall see how that goes, but if I'm a little crazy crazier than usual, blame it on that. I'll definitely be whining about it throughout the week.

Friday, May 1, 2009

caution: filler post

In lieu of an actual blog post with actual, meaningful, intelligent content, have some random pictures I uploaded from my cell phone.

My dog, shaking off the mosquitoes. And look we're growing roses!!

My workspace for art/drawing/crafting, below. It's usually a little messier with scrap papers and such.

Went to the park, and these two pictures were within a few feet of each other. I mean really, are these some sort of intelligent, rebellious duck?

Crazy Kit-Kat's from Scotland. MINT?! No. Just... no. See? Even I think so.

Woot, lame post is OVER.

And now, I go out of town.

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