Wednesday, July 29, 2009

no apologies!

Last time I updated, I had cupcakes. That was around two weeks ago. So, what's happened since then?

Tons of stuff.

I have this really annoying trait in me that says I can either Write Blog Updates, or Write Stories. Not both. I bet you smart people can guess which one I picked for the past two weeks!

I've done half a dozen or so major art-things (what am I supposed to call them, anyway?). My art desk is an absolute MESS (where is my ruler?!). Project One has been dubbed Art From Words, thanks to Brendan (woo for comments).

So, let's see, what else? Still reading (a lot), doing all sorts of things with the kids (we went to the beach three weeks in a row!), and generally being an older sister.

I finally got my thunderstorms. (I accidentally saved the resized version of this picture, which is why it looks blurry. I want to be upset that I ruined the photo, but I don't have time right now.)

More updates to follow, hopefully regular. My 100th post is coming up soon, and I'm trying to think of something awesome to do for it. Ideas welcome.

Monday, July 13, 2009

frustrated bear. with cupcakes.

Today, I made cupcakes.
That's pretty much the only interesting thing I did this weekend. Besides being sick, I mean. Oh yeah, I've been sick.

I just wrote a paragraph on something or other, then deleted it. I don't feel good. Leemealone.

In other news, I have 95 pictures spread across my desk, waiting to be added into my photobook. It is not a scrapbook, mind you. Scrapbooks are for baby pictures and... *checks demographics of my readers* lovely nice cut-outs and beautifully-placed paper with rounded-edged pictures.

I love hyphens.

Anyway, that's it. Try'na write a story and it's just not coming out correctly. This frustrates me. I am a frustrated bear right now.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

of mice and drivers (laptop rant!)

My computer was running really, really slowly today. And yesterday and the day before, too, but today was just over-the-top snailpace. It occurred to me that I had just uploaded a bunch of pictures, and maybe I should check the space on my disk?

So I did. I had 299 MB left. Not even half a gig. So I had to go around My Documents and Add or Remove Programs to get superfluous things out. Like iTunes. iTunes does not deserve to be taking up precious space from my computer. So that took a while, and now I have an entire 2.45 GB. Woo.

Option 1: Buy a new laptop. That'd be the ideal option, but expensive. I want a mini-laptop. That has a 1.5 GHz (at least. Two would be awesome), and 2 gigs of RAM. Again, at least. Also, a webcam and mic, relatively decent graphics card (it's not like I need to game on it or anything, though...), and (in case this wasn't clear), it has to be mini. And probably not an Acer.

(When I worked at RadioShack, every single Acer we sold either had to be exchanged for another one due to defects [often more than one time], or just returned permanently due to stupid things like hardware drivers randomly disappearing. Once, I took one out of the box, showed it to the customer, and lo and behold! The keyboard driver stopped existing. There one second, not the next. The mouse was next. I had to plug in an external mouse and keyboard and reinstall them. Not annoying at all!)

Option 2: Buy an external hard drive. Why would I want something else to have to hook up to my computer when I need it? Oh yeah, I don't. Still, cheaper than an entire new laptop. And an entire terabyte of space is pretty awesome-sounding sometimes... :D

Option 3: Do nothing.

Guess which one I'm going to do? Taking into account a brand new Canon dSLR purchased earlier this month, I totally cannot justify either of those expenses so soon. Guess who will be storing her photos on flash drives?

Friday, July 10, 2009

there will be no blog post tonight

Or will there be?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Project 1 and Project 2

This morning, as I was planting herbs in the garden, it started raining. It looked and sounded like it was going to be an amazing thunderstorm... but then it disappointed. No storm. Just a burst of rain and a hint of thunder.

Several hours later, came another similar display. I was driving home from the library, and when I saw the clouds, I pulled over and snapped some pictures before it started raining.

It did rain, but only for a few minutes. The clouds passed, and my plants are sad.

Rewind a bit.
At the library, I picked up several (hopefully) awesome books, one of which is called Mixed Mania. It's supposed to be a how-to guide into the world of mixed media art, but I borrowed it mostly for its inspiration value. Already I'm getting some awesome ideas: creating an artbook filled daily with some demonstration of mixed media. The thing that clicked for me was every day. A long term project. I can totally do this.

Another idea, unrelated to the book, centers around my avid reading. For each book read, I'll create a major piece of art (major defined as something that took some time and thought. Sketching out a stick figure in my sketchbook will not count). That should keep me actively gleaning for creative ideas from things I expose myself to, as well as keep the projects going.

These two projects need names. I leave that to the mercy of my readers.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

i name a lot of things, actually

So, very important things are happening, or have happened. A bunch of random (though seemingly important) celebrities died. Independence Day was last Saturday. There are probably other important and interesting (coughNOTcough) current events that are, well current, but this blog is not about current events or dead celebrities.

This is about important things, like I got a camera this weekend. I did.
Her name is Jem (I name things; got a problem with that?).

Jem, the Camera
(This is the only way I could keep most of myself out of the picture.)
Do you know what this means? This means that except for when I'm feeling especially lazy, I can post all my own pictures! Aren't you all thrilled (*nodnod*)! At least pretend.

And while we're on the topic of things that I name, and since this name rhymes, allow me introduce you to my kitten, Nem!

Nem, the Kitten
She's not normally allowed inside, but I sneaked her in. Sh. Don't tell.

I brushed off my paints and brushes and started painting again as well. A sunset to begin with, but I can't stay away from surrealism for long.

Two Worlds
Don't ask me what that means. I don't know. I think that's the point.

One last thing: Go watch the Bing commercials. They're so amazingly awesome, you will be reciting various phrases from them at random. MAN-EATING SHARK. This raises disturbing questions for me, however. I do not approve of Bing. They are not Google. They are enemies of Google. Therefore, they are my enemy. But they have awesome commercials. This presents a conflict of interests for me. Why doesn't Google have awesome commercials? *sniff* Maybe because Google is so intrinsically awesome, they don't need commercials.
I can deal with that.

Friday, July 3, 2009

i did something today

When I went to the library today, a girl came up to me and held out a box.
"Take this," she said. She had brown hair, brown eyes, about an average height, but I knew I'd never seen her before.
"Sorry, maybe you've mistaken me for someone else?" I asked. I had a pile of books I was carrying and a shop to get to before it closed; I smiled politely and began to walk away. She held her hands out, a motion for me to stop.
"Please, wait! I know you don't know me, but please take it." She seemed eager. I appraised the box warily; it was as average as the girl carrying it, tied neatly with string.
"What is it?" Do strangers usually give random people boxes?
"An heirloom," she said simply. Smiling an encouragement, she pushed it towards me again. I shifted the books to one arm and took it, and as soon as it was in my grasp she turned around and left the building.

That's not suspicious at all.

I took the box and my books to a back table. As I untied the string, I hoped it wasn't something horrid like a poisonous snake or a bomb. An heirloom? Maybe a... necklace? Old key? To a mansion?

Inside the box, wrapped in cloth, was a green and blue egg, three times a normal egg size. Totally random. I picked it up carefully, wondering why I got a plastic egg in a box. The latch was weird, though: it was on the skinny top part of the egg, a little white thing that... I pushed into egg. There was a little hole where the latch had once been. Not frustrating at all! I figured I could pry it open if I had a pen or something, so I grabbed one from the librarian's desk. And came back to find the latch back in place. Except in a different place. And then the whole thing moved, and while I watched (calmly, mind you), the egg cracked, shattered, and revealed a baby dragon.

In a library. From a box a strange girl gave me. I did the only logical thing and took it home with me, where it now lives happily in my backyard.

If you couldn't tell by now, none of the above is true. I didn't even go to the library today. I did paint though. That was fun.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

rain, a fuzzy bumblebee, a poll, and "majorly"

It finally rained today. After the thunder and lightning stopped, everything glowed with an eerie light. The whole world looked green, even the air.

And then the sun set and everything just looked dark.
End Thought Process One.

Behold the bumblebee. Notice its fuzzy cuddliness, and it's tiny little wings. Isn't it cute? Don't be silly, it's a bumblebee. No one hugs a bumblebee. Except me. One day!!
Anyway, we don't have fuzzy bumblebees where I live, and so this is a novelty to me.
(Photo courtesy of Jim's Photography.)

In other news, I've been really gadget-y lately. I'm looking into getting a new camera (a nice one) so I can get pictures with the focus on the subject and not random water bottles. So far, I'm struggling between a Nikon D40 and a D60. (How does one pronounce "Nikon"? Does the "Ni" part rhyme with "eye" or "knee"? This is a very important matter [I'm trying to win an argument], so consider this an official poll.) Anyway, so that's a want. Today, I got my ThinkGeek package in, containing a mini stereo, complete with bass vacuum.

I don't know what that means.

But whatever, it works nicely. Also, majorly is not technically a word.

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