Tuesday, January 5, 2010

cyclical obsessions!

My eyes are probably being ruined because I keep taking photos like this. It doesn't feel like my retinas are being seared, but then I stop taking photos and everything has green and purple dots. Not good.

I vaguely remember that I used to sew.
I haven't used my art desk in about a month.
Two unused canvases still sit in their packaging, and have been there for two months now.

All this to say that I do things in cycles, and apparently I don't have enough focus/talent to do more than one thing at a time. It's no surprise to me that I'm bad at multi-tasking (yeah, girls are supposed to be good at that, but girls are supposed to be a lot of things that I'm not), but I had never actually realized this. I wonder if, since I've noticed it, I can get around it.

I'm sorta in photography-obsession mode right now.

Today, we broke out our chopsticks and soy sauce and I made Thai meatballs with fried rice for lunch. It was really convenient for me, since we had white rice leftover from last night, and leftover ribs from Sunday that I shredded and threw in there. Not a fan of eggs, so those were skipped.

Oh and then I forgot to put a roast in the oven and had to order pizza. It was a total accident, really. And Domino's has the best pizza on the planet.

And back to the photography thing. I have a ton of extra photos I never upload because they aren't the best ones, or because I can't exactly have 2,751 photos of all the same thing up. So I'll probably be putting them here. Yay. :D
So long as no one minds that I'll be in them every once in a while.

Today's Flickr upload pretty much sums up my emotional state right now.

I am constantly amazed by the beauty of the sun, and then hours later, by the beauty from the lack thereof. God has made so much beauty.

P.S. I finished my final paper for British Literature, hoorah. :)


Leah said...

I love sunlight pictures too! I know what you mean about your eyes after looking...am in the process of responding to your email!!! I haven't forgotten!!! I just don't normally have tim for blogger AND email....

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