Saturday, January 23, 2010

friday linkage

And Friday's links in less than 120 seconds - on your mark, get set, GO.

This was supposed to be on last week's list but somehow was left behind: Winter Solstice by Michele Mclaughlin. It's an absolutely gorgeous piano piece, and I fell in love instantly. I bought the sheet music and I memorized it the same day, because that is how awesome it is.

My American readers, this is how you make tea. Not like this. You needed to know.

Oh, and you know how Wikipedia is generally not reliable and definitely not a good source for any sort of credible research? Here's a way to change that. Hacking and trolling and generally being stupid? Of course we want to do that, especially on Wikipedia. So, I know, let's only do it on one page. The Chicken page, to be exact.

The most useless machine ever. Can I have one?

One of the best digital artworks I've seen in some time. I did only a tiny bit of research and wasn't able to find the artist in that tiny bit, so if anyone knows to whom I can give credit (and see the rest of their work), that'd be great.

I wonder if I can make my own cloud-shaped marshmallows somehow. There's DIY for everything, right?

Someone somewhere searched the term "little tiph" in google and arrived at this blog. I want to know who is googling me as little. Seriously. But hey, I'm the second in the results so I guess that's me.

Also, I seem to have a monopoly on terms with the word "sharpie" in it. Like, "How to best avoid getting sick from a sharpie." Because that's very important.

Have a great weekend, guys - over and out!


James said...

Further monopolise with actual posts on sharpies?

Anonymous said...

It's been awhile since I commented so I
thought I would. The digital art was amazing,
as were your monopolization on those phrases.
Happy Clouds. Mork.


tiph said...

James - haha, good idea. :D

Firefly (which is the sci-fi show or the little insects?) - Cool, thanks. Mork? No comprende.

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