Friday, January 1, 2010

hello new year

The new year sneaked up on me. I'm telling you, 2010 conspired with December to make the days go by so fast I wasn't able to prepare. I didn't even have a New Year's painting!!

Now it's well past midnight, and I wish I had the energy to go through my blog and link to all....
my interesting... posts...


I'm such a failure. Poor Sharpie Chronicles, one year old two days ago and not even a mention.
Okay, so that means that tomorrow's link post will have to be honorable mentions from my blog posts. Any suggestions will be considered.

But now let's talk about next year - ahem, I mean this year. Resolutions? I've never made any. That is, I make them, just not specifically for the new year. But some things I want to do this year:

  • Read 100 books.
  • Bake my way through every single cake in Rose's Heavenly Cakes.
  • Fill up a diary.
  • Read through the Bible.
  • Make a quilt.
  • Paint at least two paintings a month.
  • Fill up four sketchbooks/mixed media journals.
  • Begin and complete the 365 Days photo project. I'm a bit daunted by this one - 365 days is a long time. I'll probably be adding a sidebar addition to this blog of my Flickr photostream.
  • Start following my own creativity when it comes to art and photography, instead of trying (vainly) to copy others.
So that's that. I borrowed a book from the library called something like "Organizing Your Time," or something similar - I thought it was appropriate for the new year.

What are your 2010 resolutions?

All the best to you and yours for 2010 - here's to awesomeness!


James said...

My Dad's got a physical version of a book like this:

If you click through the dates, they give a few readings a day AND a few verses from Proverbs. Quite smart I thought.

I've never considered doing the 365 myself but perhaps I shall ;)

Happy New Year!!

My own aim is primarily to develop more of a productivity centred work ethic. And develop creativeness. And read lots of books (with a wide variety). Possibly get a few website ideas or information products developed.

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