Monday, January 25, 2010

i love the sun.

Someone (won't mention any names, you know who you are) said that he or she (cough ahem etc) is bored of my last post and so of course I need to write another one. Because I am a kind, generous, and giving person, I am writing another one.

I could be really mean and literal and end it here, but I won't do that. :D

I've been working on a few projects here and there, but haven't really been able to complete much of anything. One of my friends had a birthday last week, though, so that gave me a change to make a birthday card. (I love making cards, it's like a mini-project and so satisfying.)
The idea came from How About Orange's mini bunting card.

Basically it's little strips of paper, embroidery floss, ink and watercolors. Simple, but fun and pretty awesome, actually.

I had some leftover little bunting triangles (okay, I had a a lot of leftovers...), so I made a really long mini bunting and put it in my room.

It's sorta hard to take a good picture of a huge string of really small triangles. That in the back is my painting "Mono" from last year. I just recently put it up.

Another project that isn't quite complete (but desperately needs to be) involves my room being completely turned around and rearranged. I wish I had taken "before" photos (actually, not, because it was sorta messy), but either way it looks so much nicer this way.

Bookshelf, table (with awesome drawer to keep my books and journals), bed. Pretend that stuff in the corner doesn't exist; it's the "not complete" part of the project. Not shown and directly behind the me that is taking the photo is my "studio." I have two desks and a bookshelf sorta sectioned off from the rest of the room, but it still has some misplaced objects cluttering the area, so those photos will have to come later.

But look at how beautiful it looks with the window open and the sun coming through. Very awesome.

I bought a bunch of flowers last Thursday, and this is my favorite. I haven't named her yet. Flowers are pretty cool things. I've never owned anything more than a cut bouquet, so I sorta freaked out when the flower kept moving around and being in a different spot every time I saw it. The thing is aliiiiivvveeeeeeee. What with having to water it and then feeding it every once in a while, it's sorta like having a little semi-stationary animal on my table.


Leah said...

Cute card! And I love how light your room is. My room has a little window and dark walls, so it's a rather depressing black hole. I'm planning on painting soon though...


good one

Texan91 said...

Good post. lol! I like that way better too. Where's your piano?

tiph said...

Leah - Cool, well if you need a hand, count me in! I'd love to help you re-do your room. :)

Sajan - thanks.

Sam - :D The piano's actually in the hallway right now.... I think it will be moved to my sisters' room for the time being. I use it more as a table than as a piano so I took it out. I prefer my upright for playing.

Anonymous said...

that card was for my birthday!!

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