Saturday, February 27, 2010

i'm on a horse

Alrighty then. My blog is having lovely issues with keeping the words I'm typing on the screen. Blog, take two.

I'm not even going to pretend like I've been doing Friday links correctly. They're just going to be "weekly links," and "photo Saturday" is now extinct. Unless I decide it's not.

Cardinal in the backyard (far, far away backyard). I guess when I ask Picasa to upload my photos and conserve bandwidth, it makes the quality notasgood.

But anyway, links for this week!

Let's say you have a cat. You want to put your cat somewhere, because maybe your aunt is allergic to cats. Or something. Here is 119 ways to store your cat. I did not count the storage units, so the title could be flat-out lying to you.

My siblings and I have been repeating this Old Spice commercial over and over again:

I'm on a horse.
While we're on the Youtube topic, watch this really awesome seatbelt ad. The concept and execution totally blew me away.

Game time: a cute physics-based flash game based on three adorable sheep trying to get back to their barn. I seriously love these. Turn off the hints, though.

A bit of Flickr inspiration, geeky design, and robot artwork. (There are four links there. Click them alllll.)

Quote of the day: "I just got my poem back from the prof, there's a sticker of a girraffe on it and it says "you're awesome!" ... How can this even be considered real college?!?"

Lastly, in honor of the Winter Olympics: the 20 funniest figure skating faces.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

a variety of things, all the same

Photography's become a bit of an obsession for me. I take photos of everything. Don't believe me?
I took 521 photos not related to my 365 project. In February. February isn't over yet. So, in 25 days, I managed 521 photos. That's 20 photos a day. Not too bad.

Now let's count my 365-related photos. I have a folder called "365" on my hard drive. In that, I have three subfolders - "alternates" (for the photos I put in comments), "edited and unused" (self-explanatory), and "unsorted, unedited, and unused." In the latter category, you will find 1,251 photos from January and February. This doesn't include the ones I've deleted.

Oh wait there's more, I have three other folders that I haven't sorted through yet from February, containing a total of 250 more photos! Awesome!

But enough words - where are the pictures?!
My day in pictures:

waking up at 8:30 and reading my Bible.

my healthy breakfast on top of a 1st grade math test.

baby smiles!

wrote thank-you notes and hunted for mailing addresses.

I bought some really pretty Chinese New Year stamps the other day... I love pretty things.

sometime in there I attempted to eat a healthy snack. I put it on an awesome plate to make me feel better about it. I love these plates. When I move away, I will steal them.

my sister showed off by crocheting this hat in one day. The thing in her hand is the start of an orange glove.

Not shown: dinner with my dad and a coffee shop afterward (I had tea, of course); laundry; messy room; 9:00 pm Chessmen cookies with my mom; five glasses of water swallowed, whole; other various chores and messing-arounds.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

whipped cream increases productivity

I feel like today was super productive.
That cape that I was making in December? I finished it at the end of the month... except for doing the finishing hand-sewing for the hood. There was this gaping hole where a person's neck might want to be if he or she wore the cape normally, and if you opened it, you could see the cape's guts. Cool, huh?

Anyway, I sat down and did a super secret hidden stitch to it and this is how it turned out:

As you can see, my littlest sister Melody isn't wearing the cape. That's because we decided it was slightly too big for her, and so Beth took possession of it. Melody has ordered a pink version.

And all the quilty insides:

In addition to that, I finished two Gratitude Wraps which are thank-you gifts to my grandma and great-aunt who came and helped us while my mom and brother were in the hospital. I do have pictures, but I had the settings weird and so the colors are blanched. I'll try again tomorrow.

Yesterday I talked about wanting to eat more healthily. I found a place online that I found useful for breakfast. I thought I'd start with the most important meal of the day - one that I often skip altogether. Like the author of the article, I don't like eggs (unless they're in cakes), but I like boiled eggs (the white part only). I thought maybe I'd like scrambled egg whites... Actually, I don't.

When I started writing this post, I was so pleased with myself for drinking milk and eating yogurt. Protein, yay! Then I did a bit of research. A person needs .8 grams of protein... per pound. I won't tell you how much I weigh, but that means I need 72 grams a day (you do the math :P). I'm estimating that I get around 30 grams a day, tops. Maybe, if I really like dinner, 40 or 50 grams.

Oh. So that's why I feel tired.

No cookies today. No sodas. But I did have this:

Yep. That's me cheating. That's me drinking tea. With whipped cream on top.
Oh yeah.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i'd like fries with that salad, thanks

When I'm stressed, as I have been relatively often recently, I immediately reach for the cookies and cakes and other sweet foods. I do that even when I'm not stressed, so imagine how much sugar I'm consuming when I grab a few cookies here or there to keep me going through the day.

It occurred to me today how unhealthily I'm eating. Fruits? Maybe... one a day. Vegetables? Psh. Yeah right. Sometimes I'll get as much as three cups of water in a day. If I'm "paying attention" to how much water I'm drinking. While I'm definitely not gaining weight, I really want to cultivate healthy eating now, while I still have a metabolism that's faster than light.

1. I don't have time.
Stupid excuse, right? Yeah. But at the same time, if it's faster for me to grab chips and eat while I'm working than sit and eat a salad... guess which wins? I'm hard pressed to sit and eat three whole meals most days.

2. I like sweet things.
My idea of health food is gross grains and seeds and stuff that might make a rabbit turn anorexic. Surely there's better than that!

3. I don't know where to start.
What's healthy? Is rice healthy? I refuse to become vegetarian - but I still need veggies. How do I get enough calories and protein to sustain myself without delving into the world of Bag Of Cheesy Calories?

So... here's where I need your help.
Quick and healthy breakfast/lunch/snack recipes or ideas
Your own "health food" experiences - is giving up the creme pies worth it? :D

I'll be searching around the internet later this week for stuff as well; right now, I'm heading for a healthy night's worth of sleep!

Monday, February 22, 2010

this is now

I'm loving...

midwinter trees and skies in Texas

homemade scarves and retro blouses

my sister, who finger-crocheted these two scarves in a matter of days, one for her and one for me

the schoolroom, where I spend about 1/3 of my time; windows facing east and south for beautiful natural light

my goofy brother Jeremiah, who asked me to delete this photo (i didn't)

this oeufs a la neige dessert recipe that is simple, elegant, and delicious

little fingers eager to learn

Josiah, so excited about learning to embroider his own artwork

hope for the future, a possible snow day tomorrow, earl grey tea, good friends with good questions, the peace in my heart and assurance in my soul, flannel sheets, and orange flowers.

Friday, February 19, 2010

it's friday!!

Friday means that I give you awesome links that I've found in the course of human events.
I mean, in the course of me being online. Teaching history really gets stuck in your brain.

Friday Links are brought to you by Steampunk Mr. Peanut...

... and fluffy baby bunny.

This video is what Adobe Photoshop would look like if you used it to cook instead of edit photos. It's a really, really awesome stop-motion presentation. Do watch.

Oh, real quick - let's talk about tea.

I'd be drinking tea all day if I had a teapot like this stoneware pot made to look like wood.
But since I haven't one of those, a yellow submarine infuser might make me feel better.

A little lol-ness at the expense of Twilight fans...
And's tech support cheat sheet so you can "magically" know everything there is to know about computers.

Speaking of tech - some people might remember that I'm planning on getting an electrical engineering degree when I start school up again. I've had a lot of "why"s and "I don't think you can do it"s, as well as one or two "cool"s. But anyway, to answer the first question, I present you with the truth.
That's why.

And there you have it. With five minutes to spare til tomorrow, the first Friday links in the past, oh I dunno, few weeks? Months?

No matter.
I already have more for next week.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

excuse me, i can see your toe

Since it's been cold around the house (do you know how expensive it is to heat a house as big as ours? Very.), we keep Caleb (who is now 10 months old) in those long pajama things with the socks connected. Not only are they warm, they're superawesomefantastic in the cuteness level. No joke.

So he crawls around in these little outfits, and recently we've noticed that he's been getting too long for the ones he has. But since everything has just been so busy, we've put off going shopping for him.... until this happens:

Yeah, that's his toe sticking out of his clothes. Hm, maybe clothes shopping should happen sometime soon.

Now he has clothes that cover his toes, oh noes!
(Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

nice to meet you, Mr. Toast

So I'm sitting here, enjoying my nightly tea and some really awesome sugar cookies, thinking about an awesome painting I'm about to do. I will admit, for this painting I am going to
blatantly steal
an image I found via Cute Overload.

Mine probably won't turn out that amazing, but I feel a deep need to paint that.

Today I did something totally awesome. This is what I did:
I went to the park.
I took my camera.
But I forgot the SD card at home IN MY COMPUTER.
Smart tiph.

I was really kicking myself an hour or so later, when I was in the hospital with Joshua watching a sunset and hundreds of birds flying around close to the window. My soul was in bitter agony.

So then I finished Mr. Toast, who I started making last year, lost, and then found.

Also, I started on my Heart Imposter embroidery project today while I was in the hospital with Josh. Pinned my fabric to the paper and then traced it, so it looks like so:

I'm very excited about it. :D

Baha, that's two DIY posts in a row, but this one has a promise of painting so it's acceptable. Can't be getting you guys used to posts every day or anything, though.

peace love and sunshine!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

like a pita pocket, 'cept pokey

I have been needing a way to carry around my needles and pins when I'm wanting to do some needlework while I'm out for a really long time. The words "needle book" have been sitting in my to-make list for months. And so I finally made it.

Since the needle pocket will be used mostly for hand-sewing/embroidery stuff, I figured it'd be cool to hand sew it. I used this logic several months when I made my hand-sewing bag. So I introduce to you, The Pointy Pocket.

Very early stages. At this point I had sewn two fabrics right sides together, flipped, added a piece of fleece (I love using fleece instead of traditional batting), fought with it for a while, and did a simple top stitch to hold everything in place. I used awesome variegated green thread. You might notice that one side of the Pocket is the same as the inside of that sewing bag I made.

Finished project! I shot the photos on the same background I used for today's 365 (it involves tea and cookies).

I used a metal button I found at a thrift store a month or so ago, and some more of the fabric from my sewing bag for the button flap thing. The longest part was definitely sewing the buttonhole... Talk about tedium.

The inside isn't as neat as the outside, but it's still cute. I added a double inside seam for easier folding.

I have a two more projects for this week: the pincushion I mentioned in yesterday's post, and a Gratitude Wrap from SouleMama. I actually might end up making two of each, so I can give them to my great-aunt who is helping hold the fort down while my mom's in the hospital with Josh.

I also uncovered some hilarious pictures that were meant to be in a Photo Saturday post, so those'll be up this week - I PROMISE. :D

Sunday, February 14, 2010

all about the lerv

"After all this time?"

(My Google Reader delivered the quote above, via Daydream Lily.)

I'm not much for Valentine's Day (I'm hopelessly lost in regards to romance... I'm just not a romantic girl). But I do love all the design inspiration that comes about by the faux holiday. I must say, heart shapes, when taken in moderation and only once or twice a year, can be pretty neat. So, today, a collection of recent design inspiration that's all about the lerv.

Starting with a sewing project I plan on doing this week sometime, a heart cut-out pin cushion from Happy Together.

Heart coasters! How cool!

Even if it's not Valentine's Day these are cool. Make them green instead of pink and they're even COOLER.

And for some freaky awesome geekery and childishness, monster valentines.

Moving away from the sewing now.... this is insanely creative.

I love it.

From Lavender and Limes, a bunch of awesome photos from her Farmers' Market shopping trip for Valentine's Dinner. Notsomuch for the dinner (I'd be more likely to set things on fire with the candles than enjoy the ambience), but the Farmers' Market is one of my favorite places. That's about as romantic as I get. :D

So, Happy Design Day to you! All this prettifulness is getting me in the mood to paint some sunshine and take some more photos. And embroider real hearts. My next template:

No lie.

Peace love and sunshine!

Friday, February 12, 2010

my name is purple and my favorite color is tiphanie

One of my favorite design websites, How About Orange, featured a color quiz. Since obviously such things are more important than sleep, I clicked the appropriate bubbles and a preset algorithm decided that my color is purple. Okay, that's cool. I like purple. The description is relatively accurate:

Spontaneity is the key to your existence. Quick-witted with a flair for originality, you enjoy situations that allow you to explore your creativity. Comparatively conservative, you appreciate beautiful surroundings, especially if they’re found in nature. Your relaxed and self-assured personality allows you to work well with others. Surprisingly enough, your unique and unusual tastes don’t prevent you from being comfortable among your more conservative peers.

Dunno so much about the self-assured part, but definitely agree with that last sentence.

Did I ever think I was going to lower my blog down to something so base as a color quiz?
Well, I never really thought about it at all, actually.

Most of today I spent in the hospital with my mom, caring for Josh. By "most of the day" I mean "12 hours." I was glad to be there to help him adjust himself on the bed, give him his food, etc., since my mom is still not physically ready to move around a lot or lift things/people. But everything is doing well, thank God.

I want to again commend Google Buzz. Not everything is perfect, but it's pretty cool overall.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I currently want this magazine very, very much.
So much that I am willing to pay $18 for it, just for ONE magazine!! Unfortunately, not so much that I would pay that plus $14 in shipping. THAT is sadness. But if anyone has the desire to purchase and send me the newest UPPERCASE magazine out of the kindness of their heart... I would be forever in your debt.
And by "forever" I mean "five minutes" or "until I forget anything else exists but the amazing colored paper of UPPERCASE," whichever comes first.
Seriously, just looking at some of the preview pictures makes me want to start creating immediately.

In other news, Google Buzz is not firmly attached to my Gmail account, and I will tell you that it is the most amazing thing since pogo sticks. No, really. It's like a Google version of Facebook, except everything is automatically connected and linked and in this lovely little stream format that doesn't change every two seconds like some social networking sites I know!

So far, my Flickr, my blog, my Google reader, and my Picasa are all synced to this fancy shmancy Buzz, and it seriously rocks.

My mom has been faring well in the hospital, resting and healing, but Josh has had a bit more issues with pain management. A few hours ago, the doctors prescribed him a different medication, so we're hoping that will work a little better. My mom might be released tomorrow, if all goes well. It'll be nice to have her back home!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a sigh of relief

And that's it.
Both surgeries are done, both surgeries went well insofar as we can tell, and wonder of wonders - what we've all been worrying about, praying for, and working toward - my mother's kidney is working beautifully in Joshua's body. So far we've met with no complications.

As of the first hour of February 10th, 2010, the kidney removal and transplant is a success.

God be praised.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

g is for giraffe

All this week has been filled with preparations for Joshua's and my mom's surgeries. We're understandably not looking forward to it, and a little nervous, but I think, for the most part, God has given us a spirit of peace. Tomorrow afternoon they will both be admitted to the hospital so they can be monitored overnight, and my mom's surgery will be first on Tuesday morning, and Josh's after.

I'll be updating more often, even if they're little short posts, just to keep people informed.

In addition to all that, we had two birthdays last week! Josh turned 9 on February 4th, and Josiah is now 3, as of yesterday. Josh's present from me is an owl painting like the one in the previous post, except bigger (the other one was 2x3", this one is an 8x10), better, containing more owls, and more unfinished. I don't like doing big paintings, so I've been putting off doing the tree.

For Josiah I did something simpler, and I used it in my 365 project for today as well. The finished version will be cropped and framed and put on his wall.

Shown in the photo are my brand-new white flannel sheets... I love flannel. I love white sheets.

So yeah, that's all I have for today... I know I never got around to doing my links or photos. Who knows when I'll get those up. :)
Keep Josh and my mom in prayers!

Monday, February 1, 2010

levitating owls

Yeah yeah, I missed Friday and Saturday posts. What's new?

Well, an owl painting is new, for one. Remember my New Year's Resolution to paint two pictures each month? Though it's not explicitly stated in the list, I meant two canvas paintings. But since it wasn't explicitly stated on the list, I did one canvas painting and one paper painting... on January 31st. Technically, on February 1st at 12:15am. I need to get a lawyer to write my resolutions for me.

Oh, and these photos might have color discrepancies because the lighting was weird at first and then I got out my lamp.

One little owl levitating in the sky...

This is actually the completed version. I'm really sad that you can't see the color gradients. I'm a big fan of gradients.

This may be the cutest owl ever.

And for my second painting, I did a really quick watercolor thing of a sketch I had in my sketchbook.

I'm also a big fan of not coloring inside the lines.

I need to get that on my to-do list now: "Become a fan of 'Gradients' and 'Not coloring inside the lines' on Facebook."
Or not.

I actually have some really cool Week In Pictures photos from last week, so I'll try to get those up tomorrow.

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