Sunday, February 14, 2010

all about the lerv

"After all this time?"

(My Google Reader delivered the quote above, via Daydream Lily.)

I'm not much for Valentine's Day (I'm hopelessly lost in regards to romance... I'm just not a romantic girl). But I do love all the design inspiration that comes about by the faux holiday. I must say, heart shapes, when taken in moderation and only once or twice a year, can be pretty neat. So, today, a collection of recent design inspiration that's all about the lerv.

Starting with a sewing project I plan on doing this week sometime, a heart cut-out pin cushion from Happy Together.

Heart coasters! How cool!

Even if it's not Valentine's Day these are cool. Make them green instead of pink and they're even COOLER.

And for some freaky awesome geekery and childishness, monster valentines.

Moving away from the sewing now.... this is insanely creative.

I love it.

From Lavender and Limes, a bunch of awesome photos from her Farmers' Market shopping trip for Valentine's Dinner. Notsomuch for the dinner (I'd be more likely to set things on fire with the candles than enjoy the ambience), but the Farmers' Market is one of my favorite places. That's about as romantic as I get. :D

So, Happy Design Day to you! All this prettifulness is getting me in the mood to paint some sunshine and take some more photos. And embroider real hearts. My next template:

No lie.

Peace love and sunshine!


Brianna said...

Cutest post ever. I loled.

Sharon said...

Hey, what farmer's market do you go to? I happened upon the one at Rice U. on Tuesdays and thought it was...well...small. But there's another one somewhere, right?

tiph said...

Bri - Thanks. :D

Sharon - That's the only one I've been to. It is small, I know there's another close to the Rosharon area but I've never been that way to see. There's another way north, like in Spring, but that's a bit of a drive...

Sharon said...

Hmmm, I know there's one in Midtown somewhere on Saturday mornings. Maybe this Saturday I'll try to find it.

I got spoiled rotten by the super fantastic awesome farmer's market I went to in Bloomington, Indiana so I may be hard to please. :p

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