Sunday, February 7, 2010

g is for giraffe

All this week has been filled with preparations for Joshua's and my mom's surgeries. We're understandably not looking forward to it, and a little nervous, but I think, for the most part, God has given us a spirit of peace. Tomorrow afternoon they will both be admitted to the hospital so they can be monitored overnight, and my mom's surgery will be first on Tuesday morning, and Josh's after.

I'll be updating more often, even if they're little short posts, just to keep people informed.

In addition to all that, we had two birthdays last week! Josh turned 9 on February 4th, and Josiah is now 3, as of yesterday. Josh's present from me is an owl painting like the one in the previous post, except bigger (the other one was 2x3", this one is an 8x10), better, containing more owls, and more unfinished. I don't like doing big paintings, so I've been putting off doing the tree.

For Josiah I did something simpler, and I used it in my 365 project for today as well. The finished version will be cropped and framed and put on his wall.

Shown in the photo are my brand-new white flannel sheets... I love flannel. I love white sheets.

So yeah, that's all I have for today... I know I never got around to doing my links or photos. Who knows when I'll get those up. :)
Keep Josh and my mom in prayers!


Leah said...

will be praying for y'all!

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