Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i'd like fries with that salad, thanks

When I'm stressed, as I have been relatively often recently, I immediately reach for the cookies and cakes and other sweet foods. I do that even when I'm not stressed, so imagine how much sugar I'm consuming when I grab a few cookies here or there to keep me going through the day.

It occurred to me today how unhealthily I'm eating. Fruits? Maybe... one a day. Vegetables? Psh. Yeah right. Sometimes I'll get as much as three cups of water in a day. If I'm "paying attention" to how much water I'm drinking. While I'm definitely not gaining weight, I really want to cultivate healthy eating now, while I still have a metabolism that's faster than light.

1. I don't have time.
Stupid excuse, right? Yeah. But at the same time, if it's faster for me to grab chips and eat while I'm working than sit and eat a salad... guess which wins? I'm hard pressed to sit and eat three whole meals most days.

2. I like sweet things.
My idea of health food is gross grains and seeds and stuff that might make a rabbit turn anorexic. Surely there's better than that!

3. I don't know where to start.
What's healthy? Is rice healthy? I refuse to become vegetarian - but I still need veggies. How do I get enough calories and protein to sustain myself without delving into the world of Bag Of Cheesy Calories?

So... here's where I need your help.
Quick and healthy breakfast/lunch/snack recipes or ideas
Your own "health food" experiences - is giving up the creme pies worth it? :D

I'll be searching around the internet later this week for stuff as well; right now, I'm heading for a healthy night's worth of sleep!


Texan91 said...

Very interesting post! I've been thinking about this recently a lot. My main problem is time. I always go for chips, Big Macs, cokes, chocolate shakes, and chocolate.

Slowly, however, I've been trying to cut back on all of them. Especially things like chips, sugar cereals (like Cap'n Crunch!!), and Big Macs. I have been thinking hard about the effects that my bad eating habits will have on my waistline when my metabolism slows, and that has helped me.

Water is very important, as is sleep. And Exercise, exercise, exercise. I have made it a new goal of mine to do 500 skips (jump rope) and 200 push-ups every week. Sounds very small, and I probably already do about all that, but I'm trying to get into a strict regimen of fitness. :) Good fortune with your quest for health!

Finally! said...

Really its all about balance, theres nothing wrong with bacon, or candy, or chips, or cake, or even veggies.. :-p, but the key is to balance it all out. Always make sure that you get protean (meat, cheese, etc) with each meal, no ice cream dosnt count as protean.. :-p Try to make sure that you get some fruit and veggies with at least one meal, if not both lunch and dinner. Also instead of grabbing a cookie to snack on, try grabbing a piece of fruit or some nuts, or a carrot or something. I like making a mix of almonds and dried cranberries to snack upon. If ya want a good resource on healthy eating "the zone diet" is good, i don't absolutely follow it but its a good start. Maybe you should get into the habit of having a water bottle with you to drink, might help. Oh and idk how many sodas ya drink, but NO sodas, well ok, one every once in awhile is ok, but not frequently. Hope that helps :D

Anonymous said...

Oh right, you don't need to be vegetarian, thats just silly, its scientifically proven that meat is good for you, and even essential. If you care about the details :-p, grass fed, and no hormones and such is best.

tiph said...

Sam - you too, huh? :D Yeah... I started thinking of the whole metabolism-slowing-down thing recently. I'm SO OLD now. :P Exercise is usually not a problem for me except for the past two weeks with my brother and mom in the hospital, but I'm hoping to get back into the habit of it this week. :) Thanks!

Anonymous person - I'm totally going to take offense that you chose "Finally!" as your alias. :P
Thanks for the tips and yeah I guess I should cut out the sodas... :( Sadness. Maybe I have the wrong website, but "the zone diet" brings up a website that sells food for losing weight. Not really applicable to me. :)

Oh, but that reminds me - water!

Finally! again... said...

Irregular schedules don't help the exercise part lol. I know this well... :-p You don't have to cut out sodas completely, but just reduce them to like maximum one a week. Though youll find that once you stop drinking them you really don't miss them. The book for it is what i'm referring to, or just try and make sure you get protean, veggies and fruit, and some fat at each meal. And water lol, oh and i'm fine with you being Offended.. :-p

Mercy said...

My opinion of eating healthy means cutting out processed food. There's so much junk in a box of cereal it's kind of ridiculous... I figure if I don't know what an ingredient looks like, (or can't pronounce it) then it probably isn't very healthy. I honestly don't see a big deal with things like chips or sweets [ahem, I love chocolate.], as long as they're not full of weird things or they are in moderation.

I'm so with you on not drinking enough water. I can go a whole day and not realize I've only had a couple of glasses of water.

Leah said...

Protein is spelled how I just spelled it. Just fyi. and no, I'm not a perfectionist or a perfect speller, just so you know.

My personal take on the healthy thing is that you should do whatever works for you. If you can eat tons of processd foods, sugar, ect and still feel fine and not gain tons of weight, that's fine. I eat almost constantly and don't really gain anything. I'm very active so I guess that helps, but whatever. And, sodas are abosolutely awful...but I drink tons of them and am still alive so there. I agree with "Finally!" that balance is good. Unfortunately, I'm generally either all for something or all against it so I have issues with that. :/
If you want some snack/breakfast/lunch ideas I can email you a few of my favorites. :)

tiph said...

Mercy - yeaahh... processed foods are yummy though. As for the ingredients - some of the non-pronounceable words are not bad, but yeah, most of them are. Water's my biggest issue. I'm getting better!

Leah - You make me lol. :D My mom had to inform me earlier today that soda always makes me feel bad and tired. I was like, "wait, really?" She said that she could tell I'd been drinking too many 'cause I kept being really exhausted. Apparently I need someone to point out to me the patterns in my foods and my behaviors. :D
I have half an email composed to you - expect it soon! :D

Anonymous said...

Waiting for my email! :) didn't feel like signing in so this is Leah btw. :)

Geek+Nerd said...

Hi Tiph, you want to know the secret to eating well? Learn to cook. The more that you cook for yourself, the more you know EXACTLY what is going into your food, and you empower yourself to stay away from unhealthy (although VERY TASTY) processed foods.

I'm terrible about the water vs. soda thing too, but I've been trying and succeeding at cutting back. One thing that has helped me is always carrying a water bottle (preferably a metal one that won't leech nasty chemicals into your water). Also, I try to always have tea around as an alternative. If you MUST drink soda, try seeking out companies that use real sugar vs. high fructose corn syrup as a sweetener. In regards to what Leah said, yes it's great if your metabolism is crazy fast, and your body can process all of that junk...HOWEVER, taking soda as an example, soda will eventually rot your teeth...and that has nothing to do with weight/metabolism, that's just a FACT. You have to be careful of that no matter how fast your metabolism is!

I'm with you as well on the whole vegetarian thing, but I've been trying to cut back my meat consumption as well, for health and environmental reasons. There are many protein alternatives to meat. Beans and nuts can be excellent sources.

I am going to search through my recipes and pick some good ones out for you. I'll e-mail you! I've already written a novel here!

Leah said...

Geek+Nerd, beans are great for you-unless you're allergic to most of them. :) And I fully realize the bad effects of soda on your body. I gave a short speech on that once. :) I agree on the carrying the water bottle thing, I do that and it helps a lot.

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