Saturday, February 27, 2010

i'm on a horse

Alrighty then. My blog is having lovely issues with keeping the words I'm typing on the screen. Blog, take two.

I'm not even going to pretend like I've been doing Friday links correctly. They're just going to be "weekly links," and "photo Saturday" is now extinct. Unless I decide it's not.

Cardinal in the backyard (far, far away backyard). I guess when I ask Picasa to upload my photos and conserve bandwidth, it makes the quality notasgood.

But anyway, links for this week!

Let's say you have a cat. You want to put your cat somewhere, because maybe your aunt is allergic to cats. Or something. Here is 119 ways to store your cat. I did not count the storage units, so the title could be flat-out lying to you.

My siblings and I have been repeating this Old Spice commercial over and over again:

I'm on a horse.
While we're on the Youtube topic, watch this really awesome seatbelt ad. The concept and execution totally blew me away.

Game time: a cute physics-based flash game based on three adorable sheep trying to get back to their barn. I seriously love these. Turn off the hints, though.

A bit of Flickr inspiration, geeky design, and robot artwork. (There are four links there. Click them alllll.)

Quote of the day: "I just got my poem back from the prof, there's a sticker of a girraffe on it and it says "you're awesome!" ... How can this even be considered real college?!?"

Lastly, in honor of the Winter Olympics: the 20 funniest figure skating faces.



Geek+Nerd said...

First of all...I'm obsessed with that Old Spice ad. My favorite is when the towel whips off and the cardigan falls on his head and he says "you're on a boat with the man your man could smell like." Kills me, every time. Second of all...20 figure skating faces. HILARIOUS. That made my morning! xo

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