Friday, February 19, 2010

it's friday!!

Friday means that I give you awesome links that I've found in the course of human events.
I mean, in the course of me being online. Teaching history really gets stuck in your brain.

Friday Links are brought to you by Steampunk Mr. Peanut...

... and fluffy baby bunny.

This video is what Adobe Photoshop would look like if you used it to cook instead of edit photos. It's a really, really awesome stop-motion presentation. Do watch.

Oh, real quick - let's talk about tea.

I'd be drinking tea all day if I had a teapot like this stoneware pot made to look like wood.
But since I haven't one of those, a yellow submarine infuser might make me feel better.

A little lol-ness at the expense of Twilight fans...
And's tech support cheat sheet so you can "magically" know everything there is to know about computers.

Speaking of tech - some people might remember that I'm planning on getting an electrical engineering degree when I start school up again. I've had a lot of "why"s and "I don't think you can do it"s, as well as one or two "cool"s. But anyway, to answer the first question, I present you with the truth.
That's why.

And there you have it. With five minutes to spare til tomorrow, the first Friday links in the past, oh I dunno, few weeks? Months?

No matter.
I already have more for next week.


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