Monday, February 1, 2010

levitating owls

Yeah yeah, I missed Friday and Saturday posts. What's new?

Well, an owl painting is new, for one. Remember my New Year's Resolution to paint two pictures each month? Though it's not explicitly stated in the list, I meant two canvas paintings. But since it wasn't explicitly stated on the list, I did one canvas painting and one paper painting... on January 31st. Technically, on February 1st at 12:15am. I need to get a lawyer to write my resolutions for me.

Oh, and these photos might have color discrepancies because the lighting was weird at first and then I got out my lamp.

One little owl levitating in the sky...

This is actually the completed version. I'm really sad that you can't see the color gradients. I'm a big fan of gradients.

This may be the cutest owl ever.

And for my second painting, I did a really quick watercolor thing of a sketch I had in my sketchbook.

I'm also a big fan of not coloring inside the lines.

I need to get that on my to-do list now: "Become a fan of 'Gradients' and 'Not coloring inside the lines' on Facebook."
Or not.

I actually have some really cool Week In Pictures photos from last week, so I'll try to get those up tomorrow.


Leah said...

I was gonna comment on your Flikr but I don't have an account so yeah...but anyways, I love the diary pictures! Those are awesome. Great work on all the 365 pics. And I'm working on responding to your email...and so happy to be back on blogger 2 or 3 weeks? somethin' like that...

tiph said...

Thanks Leah! :D Haha, yeah, IRL can really get in the way sometimes... :)

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