Tuesday, February 16, 2010

like a pita pocket, 'cept pokey

I have been needing a way to carry around my needles and pins when I'm wanting to do some needlework while I'm out for a really long time. The words "needle book" have been sitting in my to-make list for months. And so I finally made it.

Since the needle pocket will be used mostly for hand-sewing/embroidery stuff, I figured it'd be cool to hand sew it. I used this logic several months when I made my hand-sewing bag. So I introduce to you, The Pointy Pocket.

Very early stages. At this point I had sewn two fabrics right sides together, flipped, added a piece of fleece (I love using fleece instead of traditional batting), fought with it for a while, and did a simple top stitch to hold everything in place. I used awesome variegated green thread. You might notice that one side of the Pocket is the same as the inside of that sewing bag I made.

Finished project! I shot the photos on the same background I used for today's 365 (it involves tea and cookies).

I used a metal button I found at a thrift store a month or so ago, and some more of the fabric from my sewing bag for the button flap thing. The longest part was definitely sewing the buttonhole... Talk about tedium.

The inside isn't as neat as the outside, but it's still cute. I added a double inside seam for easier folding.

I have a two more projects for this week: the pincushion I mentioned in yesterday's post, and a Gratitude Wrap from SouleMama. I actually might end up making two of each, so I can give them to my great-aunt who is helping hold the fort down while my mom's in the hospital with Josh.

I also uncovered some hilarious pictures that were meant to be in a Photo Saturday post, so those'll be up this week - I PROMISE. :D


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