Thursday, February 11, 2010


I currently want this magazine very, very much.
So much that I am willing to pay $18 for it, just for ONE magazine!! Unfortunately, not so much that I would pay that plus $14 in shipping. THAT is sadness. But if anyone has the desire to purchase and send me the newest UPPERCASE magazine out of the kindness of their heart... I would be forever in your debt.
And by "forever" I mean "five minutes" or "until I forget anything else exists but the amazing colored paper of UPPERCASE," whichever comes first.
Seriously, just looking at some of the preview pictures makes me want to start creating immediately.

In other news, Google Buzz is not firmly attached to my Gmail account, and I will tell you that it is the most amazing thing since pogo sticks. No, really. It's like a Google version of Facebook, except everything is automatically connected and linked and in this lovely little stream format that doesn't change every two seconds like some social networking sites I know!

So far, my Flickr, my blog, my Google reader, and my Picasa are all synced to this fancy shmancy Buzz, and it seriously rocks.

My mom has been faring well in the hospital, resting and healing, but Josh has had a bit more issues with pain management. A few hours ago, the doctors prescribed him a different medication, so we're hoping that will work a little better. My mom might be released tomorrow, if all goes well. It'll be nice to have her back home!


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