Wednesday, February 17, 2010

nice to meet you, Mr. Toast

So I'm sitting here, enjoying my nightly tea and some really awesome sugar cookies, thinking about an awesome painting I'm about to do. I will admit, for this painting I am going to
blatantly steal
an image I found via Cute Overload.

Mine probably won't turn out that amazing, but I feel a deep need to paint that.

Today I did something totally awesome. This is what I did:
I went to the park.
I took my camera.
But I forgot the SD card at home IN MY COMPUTER.
Smart tiph.

I was really kicking myself an hour or so later, when I was in the hospital with Joshua watching a sunset and hundreds of birds flying around close to the window. My soul was in bitter agony.

So then I finished Mr. Toast, who I started making last year, lost, and then found.

Also, I started on my Heart Imposter embroidery project today while I was in the hospital with Josh. Pinned my fabric to the paper and then traced it, so it looks like so:

I'm very excited about it. :D

Baha, that's two DIY posts in a row, but this one has a promise of painting so it's acceptable. Can't be getting you guys used to posts every day or anything, though.

peace love and sunshine!


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