Monday, February 22, 2010

this is now

I'm loving...

midwinter trees and skies in Texas

homemade scarves and retro blouses

my sister, who finger-crocheted these two scarves in a matter of days, one for her and one for me

the schoolroom, where I spend about 1/3 of my time; windows facing east and south for beautiful natural light

my goofy brother Jeremiah, who asked me to delete this photo (i didn't)

this oeufs a la neige dessert recipe that is simple, elegant, and delicious

little fingers eager to learn

Josiah, so excited about learning to embroider his own artwork

hope for the future, a possible snow day tomorrow, earl grey tea, good friends with good questions, the peace in my heart and assurance in my soul, flannel sheets, and orange flowers.


Anonymous said...

These are the days where there really isnt a clicky thing that fits...

tiph said...

What clicky thing do you suggest? I was thinking of adding one that said "boring!" XD

Anonymous said...

Lol, well I highly doubt anyone would ever click that one. Um... maybe just "like" lol, I can't think of anything that would really fit lol.

Texan91 said...

Good post, Tiph. I like your pictures. How do you find the time to post them? I guess I could find the time if I tried harder. :|

Hey, Germany is catching up to us in the gold medal count. :|

tiph said...

I will try to remember to add "like" when I mess with my blog later this week. :)

Sam - Well, you see, I actually live 26 hour days. Those two extra hours really help.
But really, I guess it's time management. I have my camera downstairs with me almost at all times and snap shots whenever I think it's necessary. It takes all of 30 seconds to upload 200 photos to my computer, and a total of 20 minutes to blog. Not that much time, really. :) I guess it's just figuring out the best time to blog... and when I can spare those 20 minutes!

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