Thursday, February 25, 2010

a variety of things, all the same

Photography's become a bit of an obsession for me. I take photos of everything. Don't believe me?
I took 521 photos not related to my 365 project. In February. February isn't over yet. So, in 25 days, I managed 521 photos. That's 20 photos a day. Not too bad.

Now let's count my 365-related photos. I have a folder called "365" on my hard drive. In that, I have three subfolders - "alternates" (for the photos I put in comments), "edited and unused" (self-explanatory), and "unsorted, unedited, and unused." In the latter category, you will find 1,251 photos from January and February. This doesn't include the ones I've deleted.

Oh wait there's more, I have three other folders that I haven't sorted through yet from February, containing a total of 250 more photos! Awesome!

But enough words - where are the pictures?!
My day in pictures:

waking up at 8:30 and reading my Bible.

my healthy breakfast on top of a 1st grade math test.

baby smiles!

wrote thank-you notes and hunted for mailing addresses.

I bought some really pretty Chinese New Year stamps the other day... I love pretty things.

sometime in there I attempted to eat a healthy snack. I put it on an awesome plate to make me feel better about it. I love these plates. When I move away, I will steal them.

my sister showed off by crocheting this hat in one day. The thing in her hand is the start of an orange glove.

Not shown: dinner with my dad and a coffee shop afterward (I had tea, of course); laundry; messy room; 9:00 pm Chessmen cookies with my mom; five glasses of water swallowed, whole; other various chores and messing-arounds.


LIES! said...

I feel like it is my duty to point out that you should remove caffeine as an item of interest on your blogger profile, since it apparently is no longer.

tiph said...

I will when I get around to making myself a new banner and re-doing the blogroll.

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