Wednesday, February 24, 2010

whipped cream increases productivity

I feel like today was super productive.
That cape that I was making in December? I finished it at the end of the month... except for doing the finishing hand-sewing for the hood. There was this gaping hole where a person's neck might want to be if he or she wore the cape normally, and if you opened it, you could see the cape's guts. Cool, huh?

Anyway, I sat down and did a super secret hidden stitch to it and this is how it turned out:

As you can see, my littlest sister Melody isn't wearing the cape. That's because we decided it was slightly too big for her, and so Beth took possession of it. Melody has ordered a pink version.

And all the quilty insides:

In addition to that, I finished two Gratitude Wraps which are thank-you gifts to my grandma and great-aunt who came and helped us while my mom and brother were in the hospital. I do have pictures, but I had the settings weird and so the colors are blanched. I'll try again tomorrow.

Yesterday I talked about wanting to eat more healthily. I found a place online that I found useful for breakfast. I thought I'd start with the most important meal of the day - one that I often skip altogether. Like the author of the article, I don't like eggs (unless they're in cakes), but I like boiled eggs (the white part only). I thought maybe I'd like scrambled egg whites... Actually, I don't.

When I started writing this post, I was so pleased with myself for drinking milk and eating yogurt. Protein, yay! Then I did a bit of research. A person needs .8 grams of protein... per pound. I won't tell you how much I weigh, but that means I need 72 grams a day (you do the math :P). I'm estimating that I get around 30 grams a day, tops. Maybe, if I really like dinner, 40 or 50 grams.

Oh. So that's why I feel tired.

No cookies today. No sodas. But I did have this:

Yep. That's me cheating. That's me drinking tea. With whipped cream on top.
Oh yeah.


Couldnt let it go... said...

Well I was gonna let it go, but I just can't. While that site has some good stuff, its also wrong. For starters women, and men really but that dosnt apply to you :-p, really shouldnt have very much soy. It really messes with your hormones, and your body in general. Also fat is not bad for you, you need fat, its an essential part of your diet, granted eating tons of it isnt good, but that goes for carbs, or protean, or fiber or anything. Alright i'm done now lol

tiph said...

Which site? The breakfast one or the protein one?

Anonymous said...

The breakfast one

Anonymous said...

the protein site says 0.8 grams per *kilogram*. So since you need 72 grams per day, you must weigh 90 kg, or 198 lbs.

I always thought your photos looked Photoshopped.

tiph said...

Hahahaha. Sometimes I really fail at the reading thing. Just re-reading the first few sentences of the article, I should have noticed that 150 pounds = 54 grams...

Aha. Yeah, you're right, my photos are Photoshopped. I'm actually a blonde. :/

I fail at life said...

Hmm... I seem to need to learn to read as well lol. When I was reading the site and their example it really didnt make sense, and now I know why lol.

Leah said...

I didn't realize you were blonde, Tiph! :) lol...did you know I used to be? and I have pictures from a FILM camera to prove it! lol...

I have a solution for the whole not eating foods that are bad for you thing. Get allergy tested. I can't have anything with egg, dairy, or yeast...unless I want to take medicine or take a hospital trip. :/ It definitely cuts down on the ability to grab random junk food items whenever I'm hungry...

Love the cloak. May I order one too?

tiph said...

I have a bad habit of speed reading articles online (or is that a good habit...?), so I didn't even look at the example, but yeah when I read it, it made me laugh at the absurdity. :)

Leah - Okay, well maybe not really blonde, but sometimes I act like it. :/ No, I didn't know that! You have dark hair now, so I guess you outgrew that?

Allergy tested.... ugh... It's a good idea (I've had that suggested before as well), but I REALLY don't want to know that I'm allergic to something I like. :P

And re: the cloak - sure, we'll have to go fabric-picking sometime. :D

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