Sunday, March 28, 2010

tiph goes vintage

I don't have much to say today.

This past Saturday (yesterday) I hit a few thrift shops in hopes of finding some cheap summer dresses (I succeeded), and took some photos of things while I was there. I haven't looked through them all yet, but I really loved this basket of wooden spools I found at one.

And then some kid fun while we were there:

I have no idea what that thing is.

A fellow thrifter came up to me at one point and said - "Your children are so well behaved!"
At which point one of the kids spontaneously combusted. Actually, not, but I did politely inform her that they're all my siblings (but thanks, because I threaten them with my wrath if they don't behave so they really should), and bought Josiah a ninja and Joshua a Nerf gun for a quarter a piece. Not that the first part of the sentence and the last part of it had anything to do with each other, but I just thought I'd throw that in there.
I'll get a photo of the ninja tomorrow.

Also yesterday, my sister and I decided that we didn't like her school pictures (the photographer was not a good one) and so we will redo them. Part 1 in complete, and here's one of my favorites of Beth, in all her outdoorsy glory:

It was an impromptu photo shoot, so we'll have to get her dressed up and such for "proper school pictures" later.

Long list of things to do tomorrow, so I'm calling it a night!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

possibly like maybe

Guys! You will be so proud!
Today I completed two paintings, bringing my current painting for the month of March (and February) total to 3 out of 4 complete! See?! Exclamation points all around!


Let's start with the one that has its colors all messed up because I forgot to photograph it until approximately 11:23:41 pm.

It is a mountain. That is orange. That little thing that you can hardly see is actually a blue girl, but please do not think she is from Avatar because she might kill you with her telescopic katana that she hides in her hair.
(The sky is yellow from all the sunshine.)

I don't know what I was thinking when I painted this next one; it's decidedly less cool than the previous painting.

If that is not a girly green, then there never was. Or something like that.
Hey - my New Year's Resolutions never said my paintings had to be good (or make any sense).

Either before or after I painted those, we went to the park for a picnic.
I learned that I love to ride bikes. Wanna know a secret? I was scared of bikes until today. No lie.

We tried to fly kites today. The wind left right when we finished putting the kite together, of course. More pics, unexplained because you have eyes and also because I'm done writing on this post. There's this really neat thing called "sleep" I recently discovered; it's pretty useful sometimes!

Oh man, I took so many photos today. I thinking developing them should be free. Or the government pays for it, or something.

Also, a few posts ago I talked about wanting to get bangs. I still haven't decided. But two or three people commented saying that I should post pictures of what my hair looks like now (there is a Flickr sidebar over there with my 365 and there are way to many photos of me in it). Also, scroll up - I'm the one holding the kite like it's going to magically float by itself.

And as for what it's going to look like? I don't know, that's the point.
My sister has changed her vote to yes, though. Her yes counts as a lot of yeses, actually.

Seriously done now.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

i am a noise machine

My sister has a noise machine in her room because the baby sleeps in there.
The only part of that sentence that you really need to know is that she has a noise machine in her room, but if I didn't explain, you might wonder "why the heck does she have a noise machine in her room?", and you wouldn't know. Now you do know.

So, my sister has a noise machine in her room. It's set to some ridiculous setting like "oceans" or "waterfall" or "TV with no signal," and every time she opens the door, it's like this giant WOOSH
noise runs out of her room and spreads itself across as much of the house as noisily possible before it disintegrates into little particles of nothing.

Sometimes she leaves it on during the day, and I'm thinking - Is she taking a shower? Man, how long is she going to take? Wait, is she... is she taking a shower in the ocean? Cause that's what it sounds like sometimes.

I completely failed with my 365 yesterday... but I was feeling blah because the weather looked like this all day:

I played with my phone instead. Tough sacrifice.

Today, I shared three videos with my family. You're not my family, but you're probably my friends (unless you're a stalker, and then you should just go away), so I'm going to share these with you! Yay!


Firstly, Star Wars IV according to a three year old. Remember, don't talk back to Darth Vader. (via James)

While we're on three year olds, watch this little hip hop dancer. I've probably watched it a dozen times already. (via What's Hot in G Reader)

And because I love hip hop dance, and the "underground" world of alternative dance, I looked up something I came across somehow a month or so ago... A trailer to a web series (that isn't out yet as far as I know) called LXD, a dance team that's very... uhm, unique. (Read: AWESOMEOHYES.) TED had them on their show thing, and I had all the kids and my mom watch it because it is so incredibly amazing. Something about the music and the movement and intensity gets me every time I watch it. I would greatly recommend sitting through all 17 minutes of it... totally worth it.

So that's all.
I caught up with my 365 while I was typing this and now it's time for bed.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

here comes the sun

When I was a kid, my mom let me use her pink alarm clock. And I don't mean Barbie pink, I mean California-beach-houses-are-painted-this-sort-of-pink pink. I decapitated my dolls and contrived traps for them as a child, and this pink alarm clock was still the best thing ever. It had the basic little spinny thing in the back that would have to be pulled out and twisted to set the time, and popped back in to keep it set. Unlike any other alarm clock I've ever seen, you set the alarm by spinning the face of the clock, using a small yellow arrow as an indicator. It made the most awesome clicking sound. Look, I was seven, okay? I liked the clicking sound.

Anyway, this pink alarm clock, which was square, also had a radio dial on the side and the little window so you can see what station you're on on the top. It had a tiny yellow button on the top right corner that could be pushed down to light up the face of the clock. Basically, this thing was the bomb. I liked setting the alarm for every five minutes because I loved the little tune it played. Seriously, I'd set it, listen to the song for a minute or two (because it played until you hit the snooze button or the minute hand passed out of yellow-arrow-range), then reset it for five minutes later.

I would hear this song in my sleep.
I would sing this song as I skipped around decapitating dolls.
I made up words to this song.

Imagine my immense surprise, when I learned, not even six months ago, that this tune already had words to it. And that it was a popular song. Seriously, it's weird that I didn't know all this time.

What song?
this song. ***
Here comes the sun, do do do do... By none other than The Beatles.

Yeah, you may gape if you like. I didn't know that was a song until a few months ago. I mean, no matter that it's by an iconic band or anything. Psh, like I keep up with mainstream from decades ago. (Okay, yeah, I'm stupid.)

In my defense, I had decided I didn't like The Beatles when I was about 14 and thought that until, ooohhh, four hours ago? Yeah.

I know I don't generally talk about music here, but that's something I just couldn't pass up. I had forgotten to look up the song when I mentioned the clock (that we no longer have, sad face) to my mom and she was bewildered that I didn't know who the tune was by. I just remembered today.

I'm not forgetful, I just have delayed memory.

This was my front yard this morning at eightish. These trees are really getting into the mood for spring.

***Note: my last link went dead because the video was removed due to copyright infringement. If that happens this link as well, just search Here Comes the Sun in Youtube. It's not that hard. I believe in you.

Monday, March 22, 2010

excuse me! it's me!

Today was Do Absolutely Nothing Day.

(Well, I did do laundry. And pick up pizza.)

I didn't even do my 365 today and will probably cheat and do something from three or so weeks ago.

So, I'm considering cutting my bangs so they're actually bangs. Or, for you UK peoples - replace the word "bangs" with "fringe." See? It's that easy! You just learned an Americanism!
My siblings are against it, but when pressed for the reason why, they couldn't give a reason. So, anyone with opinions?

No?! Not on anything?? I didn't ask for opinions about my hair, I just said opinions. Though yeah, I did imply I'd like opinions about hair. So yeah, that.

That HTC Droid I have is nice... but I found out that the battery life is less than ideal. I had to charge it around 3 today, which was just annoying. It's something I'm thinking I can live with, for a few reasons... 1) I'm usually home, 2) if I'm not home, I'm in my truck where I could have a car charger, and 3) if I'm not either of those places, I have my laptop, which has a 12 cell battery, and a USB port charger for my Droid. I don't know that I'm willing to pay $200 more for the Motorola, anyway.

Josiah and Josh playing nicely (for once :P)

my silly cat Panda was on the roof today.

Right as I'm finishing this post, one of my apps, Astrid (a productivity/to-do list app) buzzed me with the notification, "Excuse me! It's Astrid!" and when I clicked to view it, it showed me my task I needed to do (clean my room), with the words, "I promise you'll feel better if you do this!" XD I love technology.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

HTC Droid obsession + soup and bread! Yay!

I had planned to dedicate this blog post solely to talking about/swooning over my new HTC Droid Eris, but eh, I had some really cute sibling photos that must be published. Ha, I need to start a separate tech blog.
Just kidding.
No, seriously, I'm kidding. I know that last time I said something like that I ended up starting up the very thing I said I wouldn't the next very day, but this is not that day. Or that time.

So anyway, let's start by talking about this amazing contraption I have.

As previously mentioned, it's an HTC Droid Eris, and yes, I am wearing penguin pajamas. In order to even get the phone, I had to switch from my previous AT&T provider to Verizon. Which was fine by me, because AT&T didn't have very good reception where I live. Lame.

I spent the first few days (Thursday, Friday, today) downloading apps, uninstalling apps, and messing with settings. I read a few app articles suggesting best apps for whatever, and mixed and matched and trial-and-error'd, and now here's the list of extra apps I have right now. This may change by, I dunno, tomorrow?

basic utility stuff:
  1. Advanced Task Killer. It does exactly what it sounds like it does. Kills tasks. It's your ctrl+alt+del for Droid.
  2. Astro File Manager. I like being able to see my files. It does the job.
  3. Uninstall. Does in one click what the Droid does by default in five. Yay for five seconds saved!
fun, awesome stuff:

  1. Find Starbucks. Including phone number, hours of operation, etc. Rocks!
  2. Pandora. Because music is my soul!! Or something similar, at least.
  3. Bloo. It's a Facebook API that works soooo much better than the Facebook for Android. Also, it allows updating every 1 minute (max) as opposed to FB for Android's 30 minute max.
  4. Astrid. To-do list/timer.
  5. Tumblroid. Since Tumblr is my new thing... gotta stay connected.
  6. Obvious reasons.
  7. Wapedia. Droid version of Wikipedia. Nice, fast, etc.
  9. Reader Widget. Automagically syncs G Reader stuff to a widget on one of my home screens.
  10. Also, Chuck Norris Facts, Recipes, Barcode Scanner, Backgrounds from Flickr, Live Bible, aaaand that's all.
There are times when I'm trying to do things and the kids won't let me do those things because they need to ask five bajillion questions about how do lions chase sheep and why are monkeys mean. Til now I've had no way to stop this. Now I do!
with games:

  1. Bonsai Blast. Shoot the bubbles.
  2. Fingerpaint. This kept 'em busy for a while.
  3. Poke a Mole. Okay, this one is seriously fun. Like wack-a-mole, except... poking.
  4. Blocked Stone. Like Rush Hour, except for the Droid.
  5. Sudoku. That one's for me. :D
Okay that's all. This thing does everything. And while that may not be a big deal for people who have had iPhones for practically ever, it's a really big deal for me. Also, my apps are free. Ha.

So yeah, I made French Artist's Soup with French Boules for dinner while the poked moles.

By the way, French Artist's Soup is just a basic chicken and vegetable soup made with whatever's available (ours had chicken thigh and breast, potatoes, celery, cabbage, and carrots). We named it that because I first served the soup around the time we were learning about the French Impressionists. "The poor artists would eat cabbage soup!" I would tell them. "You're lucky that you get meat in yours, you must be friends with some nobleman or something."

Meanwhile, Caleb is fascinated by a toothbrush.

That mess in the background? It's his doing.

Random photo of the children doing tech-y things on Beth's laptop!

Au revoir, my techmates.

I don't even know what that's supposed to mean.

Friday, March 19, 2010

going places

Friday is generally pizza day. Since today was brilliant and gorgeous, we ordered our pizza for lunch (on my new Android oh yes) and took it to a park nearby. I took so many photos, it's not even funny. Well, it sorta is. I notice that I've been posting approximately 8-10 photos on tumblr/flickr combined - a day. Hm. I'm going to go for less so if there is a day I don't have anything, I'll have reserves. Or something.

Grandpa went with us. :)

Above: all the kids.
Below: we found a tunnel!

Josiah says, "What's that?"

The ghosts of the tunnel.

There were so many good photos from the park, I want to post them all! Good thing my bandwidth limitation keeps me from doing so.

For dinner, I attended the 'Almost Spring Formal' dinner. A bunch of friends and I dressed up in formal gowns/suits and went to dinner.
My dress was orange.
It was much fun.
We went to the Town Square and had an impromptu worship service. Some other Christians passing by stopped to sing with us, and a few bystanders stayed and watched.

All in all it was a good night, and my horrible sentence-forming abilities might prove that. I'm tired. I went to the grocery store in my orange dress. Not that those two are related - I'm just saying.

Oh and I have more photos from the symphony trip (not related to the symphony, but of the buildings outside) on my tumblr. I'd re-upload them here, but that's a bit too many photos for one post.

That is all.

short and sweet

Today, I:

- began painting picture 2 of 4 for this month

- got my truck back from the shop

- bought an HTC Droid Eris

- took way too many photos

- went to the symphony

they didn't let me take photos inside. Sadness.

And that's all for tonight - I am exhausted.

P.S. another of my Flickr photos made it to explore! Yay! :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

so much to say

Oh man, I have a lot of things to say today. You'd think I'd run out of stuff every once in a while, right? Not.

Last night I went to a party. (It rocked.)
Because I don't even know how to buy birthday cards anymore, I made this:

The inside said something to the effect of, "The two dots on the front of this card are irrelevant. Happy birthday." Because I'm unoriginal and couldn't think of anything catchy.

My truck is in the shop, so my mom drove me there and back - which meant I could take photos on the way home!!

Because today was sunny and really beautiful, I took some photos:

... notice the green theme. It's St. Patrick's Day. Just fyi.
And then I made bread!

Sorry for the blurriness - I had my camera on a weird setting and didn't even notice it until I downloaded the photos onto my computer. Josiah was really getting into mixing the dough. :D

For dinner, my grandma, grandpa, and brother Jeremiah went out for Indian food. We had to park at the very top of the parking garage, which gave us a good Shadow Photo Op.

And it gave me the opportunity to take a sort of photo I've wanted to do for a very, very long time.

Oh yeah, tilt-shift photography.

OH RIGHT, MASTHEAD ART. Hm. Forget I reminded you and go on your merry way? Yes!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

because links always rock.

By order of me, today is link day.

Did some photo things today. Since today is link day I shall not upload them to the blog, but you can see them here.

Firstly, cats and dogs. Except singular. The cat is above, and here you go, a dog wearing a mustache. Or wait, is that a dog chewing a chew toy? OR IS IT BOTH?!

So, this comic here has gone viral and keeps popping up in my "What's New In Google Reader" thing. I don't mind - I seriously lol every time.

Cats? On the internet? How novel!

(via Yimmys Yayo)

Beautiful images that are not mine on sfgirlbybay.

Also, an actual link: "The Dark Side of inspiration: 30 uber-cool images of Darth Vader."
Because copy/paste is better than originality any day.
Especially when I'm writing code, which I don't happen to be doing right now, but I am still in code mode from all of yesterday.

Did I mention I had two Dr. Pepper's tonight?
Ooohhh, I wasn't supposed to mention that. Oops.

Monday, March 15, 2010

in which i contradict myself, again

Today was spent deciding to completely contradict my post from just yesterday. The post that says "I will not have another blog," or something of that nature. Something happened in my brain while I was sleeping, and I woke up pestered by this insane desire to revamp my old tumblr and turn it into a photo blog.
'But why do you need a photo blog; you have Flickr!' you might ask. Well, simple - I have quite a few photos that I wouldn't put on Flickr but want to put them some place else. I do not know what the difference is. I don't know why I view Flickr as some amazing, sacred place only for the best photos. Doesn't matter.

I bring you: let's go now, my new photo tumblr.

Also, if you take a look around the blog (hint: sidebar and footer), you'll notice that I finally updated it. I have some preliminary stuff done for my masthead, but I'm not entirely sure what I want to do yet and I don't feel like doing it right now anyway.

In addition to endless tumblr tweaking and the exercising of my CSS/HTML code skillz, the kids and I traversed into the outdoors because it was sooooo beautiful out today.

little baby legs!

Josiah sees the camera and automatically poses like a tough guy.

Beth, camera shy.

And yes, there's one missing (in case you counted) - Josh was inside still doing school. He favored messing around more than finishing quickly and then playing.

Okay, so recap:

new tumblr: let's go now
also, my "social literary project" from last year that I never was able to complete: i left this here for you to read

Check them out.
Don't expect a new banner tomorrow; I'll be at a party.

who i am!

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