Monday, March 8, 2010

another blog post

Because I haven't the creativity nor the strength for a full post, here are your weekly links for this weekly week.

Lol'ing at:
PC pwns Mac
An article from 1995 that says the internet is doomed to fail.
Girls say (lavender, plum, violet, orchid), boys say purple.

Quick story about what makes that even funnier - there is an ongoing argument that involves me vs my mom and sister. I will try to call something purple, and one of them will adamantly insist that it ISN'T purple, it's plum/violet/pink/etc. Once, I asked my sister, "Okay, from the RAINBOW COLORS, that would be the red orange yellow green blue indigo and violet, name this color." To which she responded, "Well then it would be violet, but I can't call it purple because it's more like plum."

And I'm thinking, you said the same color all three times.
Moral of the story: That link is funny because it is the opposite of me.

Finding informative:
Confessions of a so-called pro (photographer). A list of things this pro doesn't do (that he potentially should), giving hope to n00bs like me.
A pic dump of amazing interior designs, sfgirlbybay is moving and that link is basically her inspiration-for-new-house-journal. Yay.

I've not been around teh interwebz much lately, so that's all the links you get today. Tune in next time for....

another blog post.


Boy who says purple, and likes it! said...

There is absolutely NO reason for every SLIGHTLY different shade of white to have a different name. Especially when you can't tell that it's any different. Tis a waste of mental capacity.

Sounds like you aren't feeling the best, feel better soon. (assuming thats the case...)

James said...

my first title for this picture was "I'm a guy, so it's purple" ;)

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