Tuesday, March 16, 2010

because links always rock.

By order of me, today is link day.

Did some photo things today. Since today is link day I shall not upload them to the blog, but you can see them here.

Firstly, cats and dogs. Except singular. The cat is above, and here you go, a dog wearing a mustache. Or wait, is that a dog chewing a chew toy? OR IS IT BOTH?!

So, this comic here has gone viral and keeps popping up in my "What's New In Google Reader" thing. I don't mind - I seriously lol every time.

Cats? On the internet? How novel!

(via Yimmys Yayo)

Beautiful images that are not mine on sfgirlbybay.

Also, an actual link: "The Dark Side of inspiration: 30 uber-cool images of Darth Vader."
Because copy/paste is better than originality any day.
Especially when I'm writing code, which I don't happen to be doing right now, but I am still in code mode from all of yesterday.

Did I mention I had two Dr. Pepper's tonight?
Ooohhh, I wasn't supposed to mention that. Oops.


Robin Bastien said...

Haha, love the last two. I'm a replica of the dude in the second one, happens to me all the time! Or an album ends and I don't remember to switch it.

Last one holds lots of truth too!

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