Thursday, March 11, 2010

breaking news: webcomic

This news is two-fold.

Let's do the bad news first? Yes.
After much consideration, thought, and cognition (the astute person will realize that I just said the same thing three times), I have realized that there is no way I will be able to create and sustain a webcomic for longer than, say, two days. And that's only if I do one every other day. With my daily photography project and responsibilities at home, not to mention that I'm more inclined to write in a blog than draw in a comic, there is just no way I can manage. Once I start school again (in the summer), blogging and my 365 will be jeopardized as it is.

So, no webcomic in the near future.
Weep if you must.

Good news! A silly comic I follow, Cowbirds in Love (has nothing to do with cowbirds and only a little to do with love), gave a call for reader submission comics. Me, being the friendly person I am, helped meet the need and drew a one-panel example of my ridiculousness. Go look at it. There are words to read too.

So, there you have it - and remember, you heard it from Sharpie Chronicles first!

Oh speaking of Sharpie Chronicles, I just realized that my site really needs some updating. Expect that tonight or tomorrow, as well as a new banner. Still thinking of a tagline, so if you have any ideas, tell me.
That's in bold because it's a command and not a suggestion.


Anonymous said...

Cookies are yum?

James said...

No webcomic? You won't be able to stop yourself, I look forward to seeing a dozen ;)

Leah said...

Hahaha, I loved that comic on Cowbirds! 'Tis how I found you!

Robin Bastien said...

haha, loved it, especially me being a food-addict organic vegetarian!

Anonymous said...

Just thought of a better one, "The mad ramblings of a sane woman/girl" (whichever goes with it better)

Simile said...

I would suggest 'Some awe, some some' or 'Girl captures world, unfurls'
I don't know, maybe taglines without commas are better...
'There are pictures and then there are pictures'?

tiph said...

Thanks all of you!

James - mebbe. :)

Leah - oh, awesome!

Robin - Hehe, are your vitamins as happy as mine? :P

Anonymous and Simile - thanks for the ideas, I'll add them to the list. :D

Robin Bastien said...

Depends if you're a raw foodist or not ;)

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