Sunday, March 14, 2010

calisthenics and candy

I fulfilled my goal from yesterday and put in a good half hour of exercise. And I like exercising. I know it makes me feel good, and I know that I know that, yet it's usually the last thing on my to-do list. I seriously need to make this a personal priority again, second only to 365.
(Note I said personal priority, which means that I have lots of other priorities before that - like family!)

Today, Josh made me happy by reading encyclopedias. I used to do this growing up whenever I didn't have a book to read. My family still makes fun of me for reading the dictionary as a kid too. I think Jeremiah is my only other sibling who has just sat and read encyclopedias for fun, so Josh has made it 3 out of 7.

A week or two (or maybe three) weeks ago, I bought an address book from Beth Bee's Etsy shop.

Her stuff (which she calls "micropublishing") is super cute, and if the rest of her products are like my address book, durable, simple, and awesome. I mean, look at that! Paper airplanes on thick cardboard-ish-cardstock-y stuff! On some of the letters, she's printed little object, too - like Kettle for K.

As I said, I've had this for a while, but haven't made time to collect addresses and actually use it until today. It makes me happy.

Also making me happy: these caramel creams.

Caramel + frosting stuff.
Best. Thing. Ever.

Tomorrow (or, today, technically) is Pi Day!


Anonymous said...

What exercise did you do/what is your favorite to do?

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