Monday, March 22, 2010

excuse me! it's me!

Today was Do Absolutely Nothing Day.

(Well, I did do laundry. And pick up pizza.)

I didn't even do my 365 today and will probably cheat and do something from three or so weeks ago.

So, I'm considering cutting my bangs so they're actually bangs. Or, for you UK peoples - replace the word "bangs" with "fringe." See? It's that easy! You just learned an Americanism!
My siblings are against it, but when pressed for the reason why, they couldn't give a reason. So, anyone with opinions?

No?! Not on anything?? I didn't ask for opinions about my hair, I just said opinions. Though yeah, I did imply I'd like opinions about hair. So yeah, that.

That HTC Droid I have is nice... but I found out that the battery life is less than ideal. I had to charge it around 3 today, which was just annoying. It's something I'm thinking I can live with, for a few reasons... 1) I'm usually home, 2) if I'm not home, I'm in my truck where I could have a car charger, and 3) if I'm not either of those places, I have my laptop, which has a 12 cell battery, and a USB port charger for my Droid. I don't know that I'm willing to pay $200 more for the Motorola, anyway.

Josiah and Josh playing nicely (for once :P)

my silly cat Panda was on the roof today.

Right as I'm finishing this post, one of my apps, Astrid (a productivity/to-do list app) buzzed me with the notification, "Excuse me! It's Astrid!" and when I clicked to view it, it showed me my task I needed to do (clean my room), with the words, "I promise you'll feel better if you do this!" XD I love technology.


Anonymous said...

Persnaps since your asking about hair, you should post pics of your hair, and what it might kinda look like...

Chaya said...

I agree with whoever-that-is that you should post pictures.

-it is warm outside
-allergies suck
-light is happy
-Chocolate is the best food on earth,next to coffee
-I'm probably too opinionated, and am stoping now :)

James said...

hahaha, a cat called panda, that's awesome.

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