Friday, March 19, 2010

going places

Friday is generally pizza day. Since today was brilliant and gorgeous, we ordered our pizza for lunch (on my new Android oh yes) and took it to a park nearby. I took so many photos, it's not even funny. Well, it sorta is. I notice that I've been posting approximately 8-10 photos on tumblr/flickr combined - a day. Hm. I'm going to go for less so if there is a day I don't have anything, I'll have reserves. Or something.

Grandpa went with us. :)

Above: all the kids.
Below: we found a tunnel!

Josiah says, "What's that?"

The ghosts of the tunnel.

There were so many good photos from the park, I want to post them all! Good thing my bandwidth limitation keeps me from doing so.

For dinner, I attended the 'Almost Spring Formal' dinner. A bunch of friends and I dressed up in formal gowns/suits and went to dinner.
My dress was orange.
It was much fun.
We went to the Town Square and had an impromptu worship service. Some other Christians passing by stopped to sing with us, and a few bystanders stayed and watched.

All in all it was a good night, and my horrible sentence-forming abilities might prove that. I'm tired. I went to the grocery store in my orange dress. Not that those two are related - I'm just saying.

Oh and I have more photos from the symphony trip (not related to the symphony, but of the buildings outside) on my tumblr. I'd re-upload them here, but that's a bit too many photos for one post.

That is all.


Chaya said...

I once went to a store in a medieval type dress at aournd 12pm. got some interesting looks and comments.. are you going to post pictures of this formal thing? do you know who I am yet?

tiph said...

:D That's always fun. I actually only have pictures of us all in a group and none of them are that good (people can't seem to smile at the same time).
Nope. I even did a little bit of research for a name meaning reborn and I can't think of anyone I know named Renee or Anastasia. :D

Chaya said...

What if I told you that Renee was part of my name?
Oh. Well, if you come up with any pictures, I'd love to see them. I was on your tumblr, and while I was looking at it you uploaded another picture! how often are you online?

tiph said...

Then I'd still be like :/
Gimme a hint. Have I ever met you IRL?
I'm online, oh, random times throughout the day. Now that I have a Droid my email comes to my phone. As for the tumblr - those were photos I uploaded last night and set to publish at intervals. I just upload several to the queue so I don't have to be online, and so I don't just upload five million at one time. :)

Chaya said...

If IRL means 'in real life' then yes. if not i'm not sure.
ok, that explains it.

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