Sunday, March 14, 2010

happy pi day!

Nobody believed me when I said I was going to make a pie cake.
"No, really, what are you making?" they asked.
"Really, I'm making a pie cake," I would reply. They only laughed.
Then I finished it.

"Ohhh," they chorused. "You were saying 'Pi Cake.'"
Happy Pi Day, everyone!


I feel like my blog posts are always an amalgamation of various different "topics"; for instance, the beginning of today's blog is a Happy Pi Day thing. Right now I'm talking about separating my topics into specific "personal blog" and "DIY/art blog" blogs, and in a little while, I'll show you some DIY patching and a few random pictures from today. Even as I type this, I'm thinking the separation wouldn't work, because I'd struggle to figure out what goes where. "Photography" would go in with an art/DIY blog, but what is photography and what is just pictures of my siblings? So yeah - it has been suggested before for me to have a separate blog for separate things, but I think that's just not going to work.

Besides, my blog is a good reflection of me: random and everything.
Which reminds me that I haven't updated it yet. Oops.


Earlier this year I picked up a stuffed robot from the discount bin at Target for Josiah. He liked it so much he took it around with him, including outside - where it promptly fell victim to my two puppies' ever-present teeth. They seriously eat everything. Here's the robot's poor head:

Patchwork was in order! We ran it through the wash (the photo is from after the wash) and I stuffed it back up. I didn't have any suitable yellow fabric (I had some with flowers and some I wasn't willing to use for a patch), so he got an upgrade with white polka-dotted orange fabric.

It sorta looks like he got a skull graft.
Also orange:

These things rock.

Lastly, I went on a walk with my grandma tonight just a bit past sunset and got these budding trees silhouettes.

Ack, I just sneezed.


Anonymous said...

You say that oranges rock, but I also have evidence that says that you are not a fan of oranges... One part of you is lying! :-p

tiph said...

Hey, I can't help it if I'm a walking contradiction. These are mandarin oranges, and they're acceptable. :D

Anonymous said...

Oh dear me, arnt we picky... Well maybe they will help to change your mind on the general topic of oranges, and orange things. And you do seem to have a liking for asain things...

Anonymous said...

are you sure mandarins aren't tangerines? ;)

-Signed, erm, guess :P

tiph said...


Anonymous said...

anonymousness rocks! ;)

Leah said...

Well, I am like so totally lost now! :) I was the 4th anonymous comment, because i didn't feel like signing in and i was helping make the point that anonymousness is awesome! :) and i don't know who the other anonymous people i know you??? lol So this time I'm actually signed in. Shocked?

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