Wednesday, March 24, 2010

here comes the sun

When I was a kid, my mom let me use her pink alarm clock. And I don't mean Barbie pink, I mean California-beach-houses-are-painted-this-sort-of-pink pink. I decapitated my dolls and contrived traps for them as a child, and this pink alarm clock was still the best thing ever. It had the basic little spinny thing in the back that would have to be pulled out and twisted to set the time, and popped back in to keep it set. Unlike any other alarm clock I've ever seen, you set the alarm by spinning the face of the clock, using a small yellow arrow as an indicator. It made the most awesome clicking sound. Look, I was seven, okay? I liked the clicking sound.

Anyway, this pink alarm clock, which was square, also had a radio dial on the side and the little window so you can see what station you're on on the top. It had a tiny yellow button on the top right corner that could be pushed down to light up the face of the clock. Basically, this thing was the bomb. I liked setting the alarm for every five minutes because I loved the little tune it played. Seriously, I'd set it, listen to the song for a minute or two (because it played until you hit the snooze button or the minute hand passed out of yellow-arrow-range), then reset it for five minutes later.

I would hear this song in my sleep.
I would sing this song as I skipped around decapitating dolls.
I made up words to this song.

Imagine my immense surprise, when I learned, not even six months ago, that this tune already had words to it. And that it was a popular song. Seriously, it's weird that I didn't know all this time.

What song?
this song. ***
Here comes the sun, do do do do... By none other than The Beatles.

Yeah, you may gape if you like. I didn't know that was a song until a few months ago. I mean, no matter that it's by an iconic band or anything. Psh, like I keep up with mainstream from decades ago. (Okay, yeah, I'm stupid.)

In my defense, I had decided I didn't like The Beatles when I was about 14 and thought that until, ooohhh, four hours ago? Yeah.

I know I don't generally talk about music here, but that's something I just couldn't pass up. I had forgotten to look up the song when I mentioned the clock (that we no longer have, sad face) to my mom and she was bewildered that I didn't know who the tune was by. I just remembered today.

I'm not forgetful, I just have delayed memory.

This was my front yard this morning at eightish. These trees are really getting into the mood for spring.

***Note: my last link went dead because the video was removed due to copyright infringement. If that happens this link as well, just search Here Comes the Sun in Youtube. It's not that hard. I believe in you.


With a C said...

Link does not work anymore, you brokes it!

tiph said...

Edited post. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I had that clock and have been looking for it ever since!

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