Sunday, March 21, 2010

HTC Droid obsession + soup and bread! Yay!

I had planned to dedicate this blog post solely to talking about/swooning over my new HTC Droid Eris, but eh, I had some really cute sibling photos that must be published. Ha, I need to start a separate tech blog.
Just kidding.
No, seriously, I'm kidding. I know that last time I said something like that I ended up starting up the very thing I said I wouldn't the next very day, but this is not that day. Or that time.

So anyway, let's start by talking about this amazing contraption I have.

As previously mentioned, it's an HTC Droid Eris, and yes, I am wearing penguin pajamas. In order to even get the phone, I had to switch from my previous AT&T provider to Verizon. Which was fine by me, because AT&T didn't have very good reception where I live. Lame.

I spent the first few days (Thursday, Friday, today) downloading apps, uninstalling apps, and messing with settings. I read a few app articles suggesting best apps for whatever, and mixed and matched and trial-and-error'd, and now here's the list of extra apps I have right now. This may change by, I dunno, tomorrow?

basic utility stuff:
  1. Advanced Task Killer. It does exactly what it sounds like it does. Kills tasks. It's your ctrl+alt+del for Droid.
  2. Astro File Manager. I like being able to see my files. It does the job.
  3. Uninstall. Does in one click what the Droid does by default in five. Yay for five seconds saved!
fun, awesome stuff:

  1. Find Starbucks. Including phone number, hours of operation, etc. Rocks!
  2. Pandora. Because music is my soul!! Or something similar, at least.
  3. Bloo. It's a Facebook API that works soooo much better than the Facebook for Android. Also, it allows updating every 1 minute (max) as opposed to FB for Android's 30 minute max.
  4. Astrid. To-do list/timer.
  5. Tumblroid. Since Tumblr is my new thing... gotta stay connected.
  6. Obvious reasons.
  7. Wapedia. Droid version of Wikipedia. Nice, fast, etc.
  9. Reader Widget. Automagically syncs G Reader stuff to a widget on one of my home screens.
  10. Also, Chuck Norris Facts, Recipes, Barcode Scanner, Backgrounds from Flickr, Live Bible, aaaand that's all.
There are times when I'm trying to do things and the kids won't let me do those things because they need to ask five bajillion questions about how do lions chase sheep and why are monkeys mean. Til now I've had no way to stop this. Now I do!
with games:

  1. Bonsai Blast. Shoot the bubbles.
  2. Fingerpaint. This kept 'em busy for a while.
  3. Poke a Mole. Okay, this one is seriously fun. Like wack-a-mole, except... poking.
  4. Blocked Stone. Like Rush Hour, except for the Droid.
  5. Sudoku. That one's for me. :D
Okay that's all. This thing does everything. And while that may not be a big deal for people who have had iPhones for practically ever, it's a really big deal for me. Also, my apps are free. Ha.

So yeah, I made French Artist's Soup with French Boules for dinner while the poked moles.

By the way, French Artist's Soup is just a basic chicken and vegetable soup made with whatever's available (ours had chicken thigh and breast, potatoes, celery, cabbage, and carrots). We named it that because I first served the soup around the time we were learning about the French Impressionists. "The poor artists would eat cabbage soup!" I would tell them. "You're lucky that you get meat in yours, you must be friends with some nobleman or something."

Meanwhile, Caleb is fascinated by a toothbrush.

That mess in the background? It's his doing.

Random photo of the children doing tech-y things on Beth's laptop!

Au revoir, my techmates.

I don't even know what that's supposed to mean.


Anonymous said...

What exactly is the flikr 365? and also what do you gain by doing flikr pro?

tiph said...

The Flickr 365 is a challenge to take photos (and upload them) every day for 365 days. The "classic" 365's are self-portraits, but a lot of people (myself included) choose to have photos of all kinds of things other than ourselves. I started it as a self-portrait, but got tired of looking at myself. :D

Pro is less awesome than it sounds... it just means that I pay $25 per year for unlimited uploads, more freedom to upload to groups, and access to stats. Without it, I could only upload about 20 photos per month, which isn't cool.

Anonymous said...

So basically its useful, but not entirely worth it lol. Ok thanks

Anonymous said...

Since I don't feel like paying money, do you think flikr would work better for a 365, or tumblr? Or something else lol.

tiph said...

It's Flickr. With a C!!
And I think the upload allowance (100 MB) will let you upload around 30ish photos.. so long as they aren't too huge. Mine are around 2-5 MB, so yeah.

For a 365 I would say Flickr.
A Tumblr is way more interactive-based. It doesn't go on a comment system (unless you manually write the code into it), but uses "reblogs" and likes. With Flickr, the only downside is that people who don't have an account can't comment... which can be annoying if most of your audience is based outside of Flickr and not toward the general public. Bloggy sites work best for that... do a google search and see what's available - you'll be surprised at all the awesome sites available for sharing content.

Anonymous said...

Psh, spelling is overrated... Have you used photobucket at all?

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