Thursday, March 25, 2010

i am a noise machine

My sister has a noise machine in her room because the baby sleeps in there.
The only part of that sentence that you really need to know is that she has a noise machine in her room, but if I didn't explain, you might wonder "why the heck does she have a noise machine in her room?", and you wouldn't know. Now you do know.

So, my sister has a noise machine in her room. It's set to some ridiculous setting like "oceans" or "waterfall" or "TV with no signal," and every time she opens the door, it's like this giant WOOSH
noise runs out of her room and spreads itself across as much of the house as noisily possible before it disintegrates into little particles of nothing.

Sometimes she leaves it on during the day, and I'm thinking - Is she taking a shower? Man, how long is she going to take? Wait, is she... is she taking a shower in the ocean? Cause that's what it sounds like sometimes.

I completely failed with my 365 yesterday... but I was feeling blah because the weather looked like this all day:

I played with my phone instead. Tough sacrifice.

Today, I shared three videos with my family. You're not my family, but you're probably my friends (unless you're a stalker, and then you should just go away), so I'm going to share these with you! Yay!


Firstly, Star Wars IV according to a three year old. Remember, don't talk back to Darth Vader. (via James)

While we're on three year olds, watch this little hip hop dancer. I've probably watched it a dozen times already. (via What's Hot in G Reader)

And because I love hip hop dance, and the "underground" world of alternative dance, I looked up something I came across somehow a month or so ago... A trailer to a web series (that isn't out yet as far as I know) called LXD, a dance team that's very... uhm, unique. (Read: AWESOMEOHYES.) TED had them on their show thing, and I had all the kids and my mom watch it because it is so incredibly amazing. Something about the music and the movement and intensity gets me every time I watch it. I would greatly recommend sitting through all 17 minutes of it... totally worth it.

So that's all.
I caught up with my 365 while I was typing this and now it's time for bed.


James said...

I beat you to them too ;). I saw the hip-hop guy the other night.

I like the descriptive language describing sound, but I still don't understand the concept, or the need for, a sound machine. :)

tiph said...

Excuse me for posting things you've already seen, then. Maybe next time I'll consult you to make sure my posts are made up of information or links you've never seen before. :)

For making noise, generally. To cancel out other, less-wanted noises.

Anonymous said...

Star Wars yes
the other kid, not really
The TED thing, much yes, oh and LXD reminds me of LSD...

Is it to get the baby to sleep, or so the sister (as she is unnamed) won't hear the baby crying?

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