Thursday, March 4, 2010

photo fiend

Tonight was a lovely mix of photo editing, piano recording, and more photo editing (while listening to aforementioned piano recordings). While I really want to share the songs I improv'd, I can't right now (Blogger won't let me upload audio - bad Blogger!); instead, more photos!!

A few from today:

No, he's not supposed to have that in his mouth, which is why I took a picture of him before I took it from him.

This window is Caleb's absolute favorite spot in the house.

Beth's learning to knit. I "tried" to learn, but only for three minutes and then I decided I wanted to do other things.

Like paint.

You might remember my New Year's Resolution* that should help keep me creating: two paintings a month. Guess how many I finished in February? Um, zero. But since February was the month of Two Birthdays, Two Surgeries, and Two Less Days Than Normal Months, I forgave myself. So in March, I need to put out FOUR paintings. There's the first one.

I have a good dozen or so photos I'll be uploading, most to Flickr but probably a few (like the silly one of me at the top of this post) only here.

*P.S. In the post from January 1st, I mention that I borrowed a book called Organizing Your Time from the library. I never got around to reading it. Ha.


quact said...

hey even I know how to knit :P

tiph said...

LOL. Yeah, right. :P

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