Saturday, March 13, 2010

scones are for eating

Today we begin with a little karate chop action, featuring Socks.

Our house is so much fun. I bet you're jealous already.
Oh, but speaking of karate (the thought train is making the connection through the Karate Is Fitness route), I recently realized that I haven't done any form of actual exercise in a month. This is pretty bad, especially since for a good six months I was in the habit of at least twice a week, if not more. Point is, I feel weak. I know I could be stronger, and I think my lack of fitness is draining my vitality and stamina (let's hear a "well duh").

Tomorrow is A Weekend, so I shall make it my goal to reincorporate fitness into my daily life, starting tomorrow. I mean, I could start now, but it's pretty late and I'm actually already in bed. And writing a blog post. :D

On the similar lines of health and eating, I think I'm making progress. I've been keeping sodas down to one a week (I've already used my quota for this week), eating veggies more (which means every day, at least once. If that's an improvement, you know I was bad, right?), and staying out of the cookies.

Actually, that last one is a lie. I have a serious weakness for Chessmen (and cookies in general), but you know, I don't even care. It's not like I'm eating cakes all the time or anything. Wait, 'nother lie. Made strawberry cupcakes the other day, but I think the frosting, which I made from fresh strawberries, counts as a fruit serving, so I'm okay. At least, that's what I've decided.

So, whenever it was that I posted about healthy eating habits, Sarah from Geek+Nerd emailed me with suggestions for making oatmeal, scones, and other healthy and totally awesome things. Her big thing was "learn to cook!" Since I do know how to cook, I'm translating that to the obvious next step, "actually cook." And yeah, she's right. While I'll cook all sorts of random things for dinner (I really love Asian cuisine), I rarely take time to make myself or the family breakfast or lunch. My biggest help with fixing that has been meal planning, which is totally awesome and a good idea. Yes? Yes.

As I was saying, Sarah suggested scones, and today I made scones. Quite independent of me (and vice versa), she also made scones today! Hers are orange, and mine are...


It occurred to me that I rarely edit pictures I take of my own family/surroundings if they aren't going on Flickr. Why? I don't know. Maybe that will change. :)

And the finished product:

I made six batches. Sorta accidental - I had only intended to make three. It worked out, and I (thankfully) found a big enough bowl.

More silliness:

top to bottom:
Jeremiah, Josiah making scary faces, and Caleb, who is 11 months now.
We decided that this photo really looks like Caleb's posing for a Myspace self-portrait. It may be my favorite one to date.

After I sent the little kids to bed, me and Jeremiah and Beth stayed up making scones, eating scones, drinking tea, and playing cards. No, we do not gamble. Just thought I'd throw that out there.


James said...

The trick with scones (and a lot of cakes) is to use the right butter. The best I know of is Bertolli Olive Oil spread here in the UK, but you'd need to experiment to find something suitable.

Scones - pat down instead of rolling flat if you want them to rise properly. Assuming you're making our kind of scones and not something american where you've highjacked our names, like you did with football.

tiph said...

Never considered it. We just buy butter and the scones/cakes come out yummy. I'm not so posh that I need a certain kind of butter - I can make it taste good regardless. :P

As for whether or not American scones are British scones... I don't know, they might be, and the things seen above are just Tiph's Scones. Maybe you wouldn't like them, but we only have two batches left from the six I made last night. :)

Leah said...

Ok, Tiph, here you go! WELL, DUH!!!! lol
I'm working on responding to your email...maybe I'll be done tomorrow? If you're lucky tonight...but I'm in the middle of a sewing project and taking a break so I thought I'd randomly comment. :) You can only look at a color for so long....

Scones, yum! :)

Back to my project...

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