Thursday, March 11, 2010

we are "that family"

Regular readers of the blog will know that I am part of a homeschooling family, and that this past school year I've been teaching four out of six of my younger siblings. But, what exactly does that mean? Well, it means we do this:

Make random charts for things we deem chart-worthy.*

(Oh, by the way, today is picdump day. Weekly pictures on Wednesday, yay!)

We decided to open the Tiph Room window today.

We closed it shortly thereafter. That's Petey, one of our puppies. And yeah, he's still a puppy.

Also outside, a new and interesting attraction:

Cute-and-awesome snake!! I saved it from death by recognizing that it wasn't a water moccasin (they have triangular heads, fyi), but a non-venomous water snake. One of my cats had fun pouncing on its head and then bounding away. The long-suffering snake did nothing to retaliate or retreat. How sweet.

Yes, we like snakes. I routinely scare the little ones with horrible remarks like "That snake will bite you and you will have to go to the DOCTOR," or "Don't go near the snakes 'cause they will chase you." Josiah played a game of "run from the snakes that are invading the house" earlier. Despite that, everyone still crowds around to see any type of critter we find.

And what is this?! -

Is it? Yes! I am, in fact, making another, pinker, cape! The outside fabric is black with hot pink polka dots... that's slightly hard to look at for long periods of time. The lining of hot pink isn't either, actually. The cutting's all done, and now for the hard part!

Apologies in advance for the blurriness of the following photograph.

Jeremiah, discarding at the end of his turn. We tied that round, but I eventually won the game.

Requisite Caleb shot!

Look at that face. There's a reason why babies are cute - with a smile like this, who cares about the crying/whining/clingyness?!

Josiah the biker:

He so totally rocks.

So tired. Must rest.
Actually, I'm hungry. Think I have initiative to go get myself food?
Think again.

*No, we don't only make charts of things for homeschooling. Sometimes we also color in coloring books or do nature prints.**

**Lies. The 10 and 12 year old siblings are learning pre algebra. :)


Anonymous said...

Just because I don't have a flikr account... Your latest one "I am going", reminded me instantly of Alice in Wonderland. Oh, and you're ankles are very useful to have.

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