Friday, March 5, 2010

wonderfully wonderful

I've been working on my heart imposter embroidery thingy for a while now (since Valentine's Day), and yesterday I took it outside so I could watch the kids (there's that dress again).

Recently I had been annoyed that we didn't have a sewing area that wasn't "in the way" (like, on the dinner table...), so I fixed that by moving it all into the former-dining-room-now-a-school-room-and-Tiph-headquarters.

I now spend about half of my day in this lovely, sunny room. And even more exciting: I bought material to make some curtains for the bare windows! Yay!

Black and white for the dramatic effect - very soon I will not be spending $5 on eight of these delicious things, I will be making my own. Oh yes.

And a shot from the stop-motion video-to-be:

And Bri (seen above) took this one of me:

See how fast I'm walking? The camera can't even keep up!

I had a soda today. *gasp!*

Oh, also, I uploaded one of my impromptu piano recordings from last night onto Tumblr. There's three links, so you shouldn't miss it. I don't use Tumblr at all (except for just now, to upload a recording), but I'm considering picking it up again. That might be a bit much, though - Flickr (for photos), Blogger (for blogging), Tumblr (for both), and Facebook (for, uh...?). We'll see.

Can I just say: Life is good. I praise Him, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.


Simile said...

Just to say I came across your piano recording and I liked it. It was sort of haunting. And your flickr too is quite cool. You being 19 makes me feel old.

tiph said...

Thanks for stopping by! :)
Actually, I'm 20 - I just realized that I haven't updated my blog info in a very long time.
Thanks for the compliments. :D

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