Monday, April 5, 2010

balancing act

I have fallen for it.
I have fallen for every breeze, bump, bend in the trail.
I don't think I can walk anymore;
I think my legs are only suited for
two pedals, one metal frame.
I am in love with the crunching of gravel, or the jostling of packed earth -
the eight feet of space or the two-feet-wide pass (it gives me a thrill each time).
Falling's not the goal, but I've fallen (yes, once physically too)
for the trail, for the speed, for the rush.

This is a photo from two weeks ago, right when I first started riding a bike.
I can't remember if I've blogged about biking. Let's just say I haven't.
A story:

When I was a kid, I tried to ride a bike. I fell. All the time. I was freaking eight years old and I could barely ride a bike (no lie). Around nine, I decided that bikes were total losers and realized that walking was good, or even better, sitting at home reading a dictionary was even better! Or random, totally irrelevant and boring books about the lives of British royalty (I still have two of those books, actually). I think the last time I rode a bike I was 12, and then I called it quits.
For eight years.

I've never had the best balance (hence the falling off bikes... and other things...), so it makes sense that I could hardly keep a bike upright. My balance is marginally better now. Marginally.

Two weeks ago, I rode my sister's bike. I didn't even fall off.
I don't have a bike of my own (duh), but I instantly fell in love with biking in general. So now I use hers and she uses my brother's and she and I go riding whenever we can at the park. I still freak out about turning. And stopping. And going in a straight line. And fitting between "small spaces."

Today, I faced my fears.
My sister and I accidentally found a mountain-bike trail, and I only realized it was a mountain-bike trail and not a normal, "I'm really not a biker so let's stay on straight-and-no-turn-y" trail when I was too far into it to turn around and go back. Especially since it's one way. You'd think it's pretty easy to realize the difference between a normal trail and a mountain-bike trail. Leave it to me.

So anyway, we spent the next ten minutes going around a mile and a half or so worth of mountain trail, complete with incredibly sharp turns, steep hills, and really really tiny paths with trees sooo close to each other. And I only fell once! And it was so much fun that we did it again! Exclamations all around!! I yelled and screamed quite a bit, too (hills are scary.), but it was so. so. so much fun.

I will be going back.
I am so sore.


So, I used my Android (which doesn't have a name, gasp!) to track my distance and speed. I went 4.05 miles in 30 minutes, with an average of 8.something mph. That sounds horrible for biking! But the first mile I rode was on the normal trail and against the wind. This park has no trees or buildings nearby and therefore nothing to break the wind.
The next three miles were the mountain-bike trail, and yes, I went much slower than necessary because I was scared and it was hard and I very much didn't want to crash.
Still, a very cool app that used GPS to track my distance and speed.


Today was Caleb's 1st birthday. :)


Good night!


Anonymous said...

How do you get italics on your flickr?

Leah said...

Since you now love it so much, should we add biking to our to do list? we have some great trails...

tiph said...

Anon - with the < i > tags. This is an example of off-topic questions that belong in emails. ;)

Leah - Yeaaaahhh!! But now we need to stop adding stuff to our list and start actually doing it! YOU, COME TO MY HOUSE. But not tomorrow, lol. Friday would work. Srsly, whenever you can come, call me (do you text?) and I will go get you.

Anonymous said...

Ok thanks, yes well... :-p

Leah said...

Friday is jam-packed. So's Saturday, and Sunday, and...actually, I may have a day next week...I'm rather irritated right now. I was going to respond to your email-actually have it typed and everything-and the email server is down. I can't send/recieve anything. So that's why I'm commenting instead of emailing, no complaints about off-topic comments. Besides, it's fun to spam your comment section when I have nothing else to do...except govt...ugh.. So anyways, whenever the email is back running I'll send it! :) And sry for the bad grammar, Mr. anon isn't the only one that has this problem, esp when I'm running on 1 hr of what I think you called sleep. tty..sometime? I should just call you...hmmm...

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