Saturday, April 10, 2010

a beach day, a photo day

Beach day = photo-and-caption day.
I've been doing fewer word-posts and more photo posts lately, I think.

On our way! The kids in the back being total goofballs.

Look at those two boys!! Lol! At the seawall. It was a bit too cold to swim, but that didn't deter most of the kids from donning bathing suits and asking every five seconds if they could swim or not.

Caleb looking all cool.

Random shot. :D On a side note, I got those shoes today, and the skirt two weeks ago at a thrift shop for $2. :D

Mama cuddling Caleb in the sling.

So, Jeremiah runs to where Beth and I are standing on the wall (me with a telephoto-lensed camera), and this tiny dog starts chasing him all excited and happy. Jeremiah doesn't even notice until we yell at him, and he turns to look at the dog and it gets all happy and kinda hops a bit. Jeremiah promptly ignored it (I guess he prefers 'manly dogs' :P) and kept on.

And then the dog just stood there, as if to say, "You... you mean you don't... like me??"
It was quite a touching scene. Then its owner picked it up and carried it off.

Random shadow pose. I like shadows.
(Jeremiah, me, and Beth)

Joshua being "mighty" as they call it.

Have you seen a cooler dude?? No one compares to this little man!

Beth and I in a little mirror in the Chocolate Factory (we got caramel apples [i don't like chocolate]).

Goodnight, moon.
Goodnight, beach.
Goodnight, Sharpie Chronicles.


Leah said...

What beach is this?

Nonetheless, it makes me miss Galveston. I think I will visit Texas this summer.

Jessica McDonald said...

Ditto ^^ what she said. I miss Galveston!!! :(

Looks like y'all had a blast - I love how your little sibs are so expressive and hilarious. SO cute!! :D

Evelyn said...

oh the poor doggie!!

tiph said...

Leah - it is Galveston. :D

Jess - Their expressiveness is cute, until they use it to try to pout and get their way, lol. :D

Evelyn - heartbreaking, no?! XD

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