Thursday, April 15, 2010

bears eat pigs (and other things)

So, let's begin.

Caleb turned 1 on April 5th, and we had a party for him today with a few baby friends.

He had cake:

And tried to blow out his birthday candle:

(sorry for the fuzziness; I had turned my camera onto manual focus by accident.)

Nom nom nom.

He got a farmyard set for his birthday, with a little cow and sheep and pig. Pair that with a plastic bear we already had and a growling Caleb, and you get this:

A bear eating a pig. Granted, I did show him how to do this first.

This next shot took probably ten minutes to get, because every time I managed to balance the Lego man on the bear's back, Caleb would grab him.

I just looked at my notes for blogging and realized that I need photos for most of these. I don't have said photos, so, that post has been postponed. Haha. Postponed. :D

In other news, the Congress plans to put all Tweets in existence into a Library of Congress archive. In the article, we read things about how it's for "history" and anthropology. That's all fine and good - I mean, 500 years from now someone's going to be laughing at your hideous lack of grammar and spelling while researching the sociology of the online world. But, uh, archiving tweets? Why? I fully admit to being rather distrusting of something like this. I don't tweet or use Twitter, but tons of people do. People post their locations and what they're doing and their thoughts and their frustrations (all conveniently time-stamped), and isn't that kind of a bad thing to have collected like that? Twitter search brings you tweets sorted by most recent - and that's hardly ever more than an hour or two. Last I checked, they had gotten rid of the "next page" thing and just had "older posts" buttons - not really archival.
Maybe I'm being paranoid. I'm not boycotting Twitter (it'd be fun, if I had a use for it), but I just don't like that.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Me thinks if nothing else tis a waste of our taxes...

And Caleb's face in the second pic is hilarious

poetic_capture said...

Very cute!! Love the last pic...I think it was worth the extra work to take. :0) What we photographers do to get a nice pic! Ha.

Yes, that *is disturbing-the government archiving people's tweets. I hadn't heard about that...very interesting.

tiph said...

Caleb's face is always hilarious. :D

Thanks Rebecca! Haha, indeed. ^__^

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