Saturday, April 10, 2010

friday slump?

Ever had one of those "Blah" days?
I'm having one. I think I've been getting allergy-related headaches as well, which really just makes me want to lay on my bed all day. Very few photos have been taken lately.

What does that mean? That I sort through San Antonio photos, of course. Four from the market.

Tomorrow we're going to the beach, and while I don't feel a single bit of excitement over it right now, I know that once I get there, it will be an entirely different story. :)

What are you doing this weekend?


Leah said... was there today! But we didn't swim, only wade and do a photoshoot! :) Have fun! This weekend I'm gone most of...ugh...

tiph said...

Oh awesome, that's sorta what we did. I stood on the Wall and took photos with a telephoto lens of everyone down below (I was much too afraid to bring my camera closer to the flying sand... :/ )
We had a great time, thanks! :D

Aw, sad. :( Hope you can find some rest in between the crazy! :)

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