Sunday, April 4, 2010

goofballs, check

I took no less than 465 photos on our four-day trip. Ridiculous, no?
What is ridiculous is me trying to pick a few of those to upload here, now... Well, I narrowed it down to ten, but you will be seeing quite a bit more here and on tumblr.
The place in question? San Antonio.
Six Flags Fiesta Texas.
Tons of Mexican restaurants.
El Mercado: the marketplace.
The Riverwalk.
The Space Needle/Tower of the Americas.
Did I mention tons of Mexican restaurants? Oh, and Chick-fil-A.
So, this was our Spring Break.

Windows. Obviously. One of the few shops inside an actual building at the market in La Villita.

We went to this awesome historic steakhouse that overlooked the River for dinner one night. Caleb didn't want the steak, just the lemon.

After the restaurant, we headed to The Chocolate Factory. Here, Josiah is eating a M&M covered caramel apple. Thumbs up!

The Riverwalk.

Jeremiah wore his hair in a fauxhawk all four days.

Mama and baby Caleb. :D

Okay, so my dad just bought me a tripod (for a late Christmas present - long story), and I brought it on the trip, but did I have it when we wanted to take a family picture? Of course not! Don't be silly! Why would I ever have what I need when I need it?

I did, however, have my telephoto lens and a ledge a few yards away, so it worked just fine. (The quality is better on the actual photo - I crank down the resolution so it doesn't steal all my limited bandwidth. Just fyi.)

Goofballs with blue Icees, check.

Then we visited the studio where they made Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.
Not. This shot is from several hundred (I don't know how many) feet above the ground, with a telephoto lens on and tilt-shift editing after the fact.

Look at the tiny people!

Tomorrow restarts our usual schedules of school and stuff, and I need to sort through March's photos so I can see which ones I want printed. There's only 1,126.
Tiph, you need to step away from the camera.
Also, quit speaking in third person.


Leah said...

Ahhh, you make me miss Texas so much!

Leah said...

Different Leah!

Where did you find thos icees?!!! Is tilt-shift editing something in your flickr editing thing or something else?

Oh, and what would you say if I could get you photoshop CS3-or have it actually-for free? ;)

tiph said...

First Leah - well, it does sorta rock. ;)

Second Leah - The "Tower Cafe" under the Hemisphere Tower/Tower of the Americas/Space Needle. I guess something that big needs so many names? :D Noooo, it's part of my editing software. You can do it in Photoshop, too.
tutorials here!
and here!

That's probably what I would say. :D So, where do I sign up?? Lol! :D

Leah said...

Well, we just have to get together! :) I have a master copy. The joys of loopholes. :)

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