Friday, April 23, 2010

in honor of the recently departed Earth Day

Earth Day was yesterday. I'm all for recycling and being good stewards of the earth and everything, but sometimes, the Green movement and all the irony therein really cracks me up.

Let's take this:

Earth Hour, the global effort to reduce climate change by using less electricity;

... and this:

The new Chevy Volt sedan that runs on electricity to do what? Reduce climate change.

Everyone stop. Take a breath.

Hey, Greens? Can we be a little more consistent here?


Anonymous said...

To make that Chevy Volt they emitted more stuff and use more resources than if you just used a really old polluting car for another 50 years

tiph said...

And I guess once we're done with the car, the electric battery and all its acids just gets... thrown in a waste dump to, I dunno, pollute everything as it sits there?

Anon said...

But THEORETICALLY we arnt using carbon fuels to run that car... Oh but wait how is the electricity made?

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