Tuesday, April 27, 2010

mission accomplished.

Everything went pretty much according to plan. I had a notebook I took around with me and I wrote down what I was doing either as I switched tasks, or whenever I thought about it. Even though I didn't actually get out of bed until 9 (massive headache made me lie in an extra hour or so), the conscious writing down of what I was doing made me more mindful of my actions, and I accomplished pretty much everything I wanted to accomplish.

  • I spent about an hour and a half on laundry today.
  • I only spent - surprisingly - an hour online throughout the day, before 9pm.
  • It took me an entire hour to set up, shoot, reshoot, take down, and edit for my 365. I'm really very proud of today's photo, so I think it was worth it. It's really nice being able to look at my stream and actually like at least everything on the first page.
  • I read for a cumulative 30 minutes today. No wonder it's taking me over a week to finish this book.
Of course, I did other things, but detailing them here would be boring and tedious (and no one really cares, anyway [and if you do - well that's just weird]). Conclusion of the study - logging my activities is completely useful - maybe not for a daily-basis thing, but it seems to be a tool for those times when I'm feeling unproductive. A good reminder for me to be mindful of the present moment, too.

I need to be in bed twenty minutes ago.

More interesting posts to come later this week, I promise.


Anon said...

And where has tumblr gone?

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