Monday, April 26, 2010

restrained emo

I've been feeling down again lately - not depressed, but just a general "blah I am doing nothing with my liiiiffeeee" feeling. I feel as if I'm not doing anything productive and nothing is fun anymore.

Thankfully, how I feel isn't what dictates reality - I highly doubt anyone else in this world would be appreciate of that - so I'm taking time now to recount the awesome, productive, and funny things that happened today. I need to get back into the habit of being content.

Woke up at 6:40 (go me!!), did morning stretch/exercise routine, ate breakfast. Went biking. When we got to the main trail, we discovered (joy of joys) there was no wind! Usually our trail has tons of wind and really adds a level of difficulty. So, today, no wind. But then we learned why the wind is good - swarms of gnats were everywhere; it felt like riding through rain. We promptly stopped, turned around, and walked to the beginning, waving our arms as we went. We took the mountain trail instead.

Then I hit a tree. With my face. I have a red mark on my cheekbone that's only just now turning purplish from the impact, and since everyone has asked me this - No, I did not cry, or even almost cry. I don't cry unless I'm emotionally unstable. :D

Sent a CD off to my friend. Administered a history test.


Played piano. Read some of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (nonfiction, for once). Played WordUp! Practiced flailing around sword fighting with my sister.

Didn't have to make dinner. Went to run an errand with my mom. And now I have my night all-to-myself time.

I think I should actually log what I do each hour - at least one day, to get a feel for where I'm spending my time and where I can feel like I'm doing things again.

What have you been up to today that was awesome?
What do you do to get out of slumps?

P.S. The title makes me lol.


James said...

I've tried logging my time hour by hour - it's not easy.

Check out the following for tips:

Anonymous said...

Huh, Thanks for that post.
It came on a day that I too had that "blah I am doing nothing with my life" feeling. (yes I used the cut and paste and then just deleted the extra i(s), f(s), and eeeeeee(s)) I like to listen to music when I get that way. I find it's a stress reliever. Also, drawing or writing (for me at least).
I just wanted to let you know that your 365 project is awesome. But it's making me jealous because my poor camera is in Arizona being fixed. :(
The title made me lol too.
I shall remain yours,

Robin Bastien said...

Trail biking that early sounds AWESOME! Sorry to hear about hitting the tree and the gnats though, but at least you have a story to tell :D. Wear goggles!

I've simply woke up and had breakfast so far, it's the earliest I've woken up in a while (9:00am). 6:40've got skillz.

Many ideologies and faiths (especially from the eastern world) ignore thought in itself, and just focus on what is around you in the present moment. This makes an ennorrrrmous difference in how you feel and your outlook on things. Or meditate ;D.

tiph said...

James - it didn't turn out too difficult for me at all. :)

Firefly - I hope you're feeling better! Music is nice. I have the Sherlock Holmes soundtrack on loop on my computer and phone. :D That's HORRID about your camera. I'll phone Arizona to tell them to hurry up. :P

Robin - Yeah, it was pretty funny. Sunglasses and a bandana for my mouth - I'll look hardcore punk. XD

Oh, believe me, I had to work for 6:40. I'm naturally a night owl, so I dunno how often I'll be doing that.

While I wouldn't go so far as to ignore thought altogether (my creativity! wah!), I agree with the basic sentiment of mindfulness and contentment. Meditation is good too - gets me off my current emotion and on to something beneficial.
Thanks for the comments! :D

Leah said...

Tiph, really, 6:40 is nothing. That's late for me. I get up between 5 and, well, 6:40. :) But then again, I do go to bed at around 12 or 1 (am), so I guess I get a bit more sleep...

haha, the post was great. remind me to discuss some things w/ you. I'm out of town right now catching up on life with a limited wifi or I would have emailed...gotta run.

Anonymous said...

Haha - You, hardcore punk?!
That's funny!
Thanks for the feelings for my baby - I just miss him sooooo much! :(
Yeah, Sherlock Holmes soundtrack is sweet.
Hope your days get better!

Robin Bastien said...

W00t for hXc Punxors look! The idea of non-thought is about living in the now, so basically no thinking about the past or future unless of course you're intentionally meaning to recall a thought haha. Otherwise practitioners would be complete vegetables! I couldn't live without designing either.


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