Wednesday, April 21, 2010

truth, fiction, and photography

I was riding my bike today, and the tagline for my blog just stepped in front of my tire, grabbed the handlebars and stole my bike. When I finally caught up to it (it was lounging in a field), it said,
"Hey. Make another masthead already."
So I did.

If you're reading this on a reader, click here so you can see the lovely new banner of mine.

Lately there has been a very sharp drop in photography by yours truly. Thinking back on the time when it started (or, I guess, stopped), I'm realizing that this was self-induced. Because
1) I wanted to stop taking so many photos because it would be expensive to print them, and
2) I stopped taking my camera everywhere.

Guess what this means? Should be easy to start again. Maybe. We'll see.

Tonight I plan to "be creative," because it feels like I've not been doing much of that lately. Earlier this week I was given some encouragement in regards to my writing (which has been almost nonexistent lately, with the exception of the poems or short prose in my Flickr descriptions). Maybe I can crank something out. Or finish up some old stories that are either solely in my head, or partially written.

It's already Wednesday - I've got my work cut out for me.
(That cues the end of the post. Just in case you were wondering.)


Leah said...

Like the new banner. I was reading this in reader, so I did actually have to come to your blog to see/comment. :)

Simply Tiffany said...

Cute banner! And I love the tagline! Very creative!

You need an excuse to take more pictures? Well, you can do that in May.... ;)

tiph said...

Thanks Leah and Tiffany!

Tiff - Oh yes, I will DEFINITELY have my camera. :D So looking forward to seeing you again! :)

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